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.line1 - 7.5em
.line2 - 5em
.line3 - 3.3em
.line4 - 2.2em
.line5 - 1.6em
.line6 - 1.2em
.line7 - 0.7em
.line8 - spacer
.line9 - 2.5em
.line10 - 0.8em
.line8 - spacer

Using lettering.js script to separate each line of the targeted paragraph into a span. (see code before </body>).
Styling each line with the class names used by lettering (i.e: .line1, .line2, etc) - See styleguide above.
Then the user can manually update the text, but the line returns have to be inputted manually, so there is lot of trial invovled.
Spacer lines are here to ensure the previous line is justified, because otherwise it seems that the last line isn't.

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