The three online stores of SEA TECH & FUN EUROPE SARL are looking for the ultimate treasure: customer loyalty to increase their turnover. Fortunately, Kiliba helps them to pursue this quest!

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SEA TECH & FUNSEA TECH & FUN EUROPE SARL is no longer floundering in its emailing strategy since Kiliba 

SEA TECH & FUN EUROPE SARL is a company specialized in nautical equipment on three different online stores. In spite of this plurality of digital points of sale, there is a real need to increase customer loyalty in order to eventually increase its turnover. 

We interviewed Alexandre Di Blasi, communication and community manager of the brand, about the integration of Kiliba. 

Cast off, Kiliba is here! 

Kiliba responds to the challenge of customer loyalty by sending the right email content at the right time and to the right person. Thus, the emails sent really correspond to the recipients which avoids too much recurrence in the shared communications. Moreover, they perfectly meet their expectations, contrary to mass emails and absolutely not personalized. 

Since the marketing automation lever is activated, the recipients open more emails and buy more often. On the three online stores, the turnover generated is 30k € since the beginning of the use of Kiliba. Thus, the two challenges previously mentioned are amply met. 

The expectations of online stores are all the more respected as SEA TECH & FUN EUROPE SARL can devote more time to other tasks with higher added value. As Alexandre adds: "the time saved is about 3 to 4 hours per week".  

Super simple setup

Just like the results obtained, the integration of Kiliba at SEA TECH & FUN EUROPE SARL was quick and easy: "Super easy to use, the tool is super easy to use and super quick to set up" argues Alexandre. The speed with which the scenarios are activated is amazing. That's why the company has activated almost all of them! 

The final word?

Kiliba is really a top app, because it allows me to free up my time to focus on other subjects that have more added value than writing a newsletter of product promotions.

You are on the verge of making a killing

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