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Kiliba interviewed Nercess Panossian, creator and manager of the brand Prod Hair. Kiliba accompanies him in his email automation campaigns which he is very satisfied with.

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PROD HAIR is a professional hair product brand created in 2012 by Nercess Panossian. The company's manager, he is responsible for its online store and hair salons. 

After operations carried out on the e-commerce site in terms of sponsorship and loyalty points, Nercess sought to increase its turnover, through marketing emails, to better retain its customers, such as the abandoned cart. Thus, he discovered Kiliba and decided to use our solution as an answer to the problem previously stated. 

What he liked the most was the automatic aspect of the emails sent. He does not have the time to devote to the segmentation, writing and sending of marketing emails to further convert his database. Therefore, Kiliba appeared as the ideal solution to overcome this lack of time, while effectively meeting its need for customer loyalty. 

Satisfied with the integrated tool since 2020, he has activated 18 out of 23 scenarios to match the different events in his online store and customer behaviors on the PROD HAIR website. As he says, "I adopted the scenarios right away to build more customer loyalty." 

He has full confidence in the tool since he "doesn't go there very often", but still checks the number of emails sent and the results. He is also very satisfied with the results displayed. 

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