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Kiliba is a "clear, simple and fast" solution whose team is strong of proposal what makes the collaboration very pleasant!

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Kiliba is a true ally of OutilsdesPros.fr's loyalty strategy!

OutilsdesPros.fr challenges before the integration of Kiliba 

Outils des pros.fr is an online sales site for professional tools that has been in existence for over 10 years. This online store targets mainly professionals but also individuals "who are generally DIY enthusiasts", as Maël Guillemoto, marketing manager and loyalty manager of the brand, explains. 

Specialized in professional brand power tools, this brand also diversifies its products through hand tools, professional work clothes and a home range. 

As a result, Maël's missions are multiple because they include all the marketing actions to be implemented to boost the e-commerce site and increase customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a major issue for the company.

Indeed, it seeks to maximize the retention of visitors after their first purchase on the site. This is achieved through the commercial actions implemented by Maël or through emailing strategies such as newsletters or marketing emails. 

A real need for the company, this loyalty strategy was difficult to implement. Indeed, despite the use of another solution, the results were not up to expectations. That's where Kiliba comes in! 

The arrival of Kiliba as a quick and easy solution

Kiliba proved to be up to Outils des pros.fr's expectations! Numerous discussions preceded the integration of the marketing automation solution into the OutilsdesPros.fr CMS in order to fully understand the issues and expectations of this brand. Maël liked Kiliba's responsiveness and attentiveness, which reinforced his desire to use the solution to its full potential. And the results are there!  

As soon as the back-office of the online store is integrated, all the essential information is made available: "it's clear, simple and easy to use" underlines Maël. Thus, 18 out of 23 scenarios are active to meet the brand's loyalty strategy.  

A solution that defies the competition 

Beyond its easy integration, the personalization and the product recommendation brought to the sent communications played a determining role in the use of Kiliba. OutilsdesPros.fr customers now receive emails that are 100% individualized and targeted according to their behavior on the online store, which helps build loyalty. Customers finally feel listened to thanks to a better understanding of their expectations on the website. As a result, compared to the previous integrated solution, the sales made by the emailing channel have been multiplied by 2. 

In addition, the time saved is considerable: after a quasi-automatic setting, Maël checks Kiliba only once a fortnight, or even once a month. This allows him to free up a lot of time to concentrate on the commercial animation of the e-commerce site. 

The final word? 

The personalization of communications is the undeniable strength of Kiliba, according to the interviewee. He adds that the involvement and enthusiasm of the sales and after-sales team make the collaboration pleasant. Maël appreciated the fact that he was listened to and understood long before he became a Kiliba customer.

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