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Rigal Bijouterie

"Kiliba is effective, our objectives are met, our statistics are proof of that."

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Could you tell me about the history of Rigal Bijouterie?

Created in 1956, Rigal Bijouterie has been in business for three generations. Today we have three shops within the same company and for the past two years, Rigal has been involved in e-commerce.

How did you hear about Kiliba?

We were contacted by your sales department. We were delighted to have access to a service that allows us to have assistance with our emails.

What was your initial problem before Kiliba?

We didn't particularly have any, although we did have some technical problems with our website. It wasn't until last November that we were able to fix the problem and start trading online. Kiliba was a relief at the time and a good way to get started.

What have you done to boost your marketing strategy?

To boost our marketing strategy, we called in an independent agency. All of Rigal Bijouterie's digital actions are outsourced. However, we launch our own marketing automation workflows with the Kiliba tool.

Do you think your community is more engaged because of your emails?

Yes, we can see that from our figures, we have good feedback. Moreover, we are convinced that it is an essential tool for customer loyalty.

Do you find it easy to manage your marketing pressure?

Yes, totally. As manager of RIGAL Bijouterie, I have many tasks. With the automation of my emails via the Kiliba platform, I focus more on customer care.

Does Kiliba help you achieve your goals?

Yes, if we take the example of the no purchase visit scenario! Since the implementation of Kiliba, we have been able to generate 15 K€ of turnover.

How do you measure your performance?

I look at the campaign reports table in my Kiliba BO and my KPI's regularly. I customise my workflows according to events and let the tool run itself.

What do you like most about our tool?

We have a lot of products online and setting up marketing workflows can be very complex. Kiliba is a real time saver in our daily tasks.

Kiliba in a few words?

Fast and simple, as little effort is required to run the tool and implement it. Kiliba is effective, our objectives are achieved, our statistics are proof of this.

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