Customer segmentation

Kiliba's algorithms segment your customers according to their buying behavior. Improve customer loyalty and increase your conversion rate.

Automated RFM customer segmentation

A must in e-commerce, RFM segmentation consists of segmenting your customers according to their purchasing behavior. We segment your customers for you based on the recency, frequency and average basket of their purchases.

Thanks to our algorithms, each customer is categorized as "champion", "loyal", "recent customer", "potential", "at risk" or "lost".

This data can significantly boost your e-mail performance!


Identification of VIP customers

RFM segmentation enables you to better understand your customers' buying behavior and therefore target the most engaged customers for your e-commerce business.

Kiliba identifies "VIP" or "high-potential" customers, so you can focus all your marketing efforts on them and maximize your store's return on investment.


You're on the verge of exploding your sales.

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Reduction of marketing costs

The more targeted your marketing campaigns, the more effective they are, the cheaper they are and the higher their ROI.

By tailoring your campaigns to the expectations of your target audience, you can considerably increase their effectiveness.


Development of loyalty

By exploiting the data in your customer base, Kiliba enables you to create a personalized loyalty program for each profile.

In this way, you can offer exclusive discounts to your most loyal customers, or encourage your high-potential customers to increase their purchase frequency or average basket by offering them special offers.


"The average basket has increased by an average of €100 with Kiliba!"

Chloé Martins de Menou, E-commerce and Marketing Manager of the Oscar and Valentine brand

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