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"Kiliba has proven to be a very good solution for maximising your marketing actions while wasting as little time as possible."

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Can you tell me about Well's history/background?

Well, belonging to the CSP group, is a brand created almost 50 years ago. Historically, we are a pantyhose manufacturer. The production plant is located in Le Vigan, in the Cevennes, in the south of France. More than 85% of our tights are manufactured near Nîmes.

We also offer lingerie, which we sell, like our tights, in supermarkets.

The pantyhose and lingerie markets are very competitive (DIM, Bleuforêt, Le Bourget, private labels and Variance, Sans Complexe, Sloggi, for the lingerie part).

What was your initial problem before Kiliba? What tool(s) do you use?

When I arrived at Well, the Kiliba solution was already in place within our structure. But to take up the problematic of my predecessors, the idea was to benefit from a personalized marketing tool in an autonomous way which would allow us to relaunch our customers in particular on the abandoned carts.

Kiliba proved to be a very good solution to maximize its marketing actions while losing as little time as possible. It is Belacom who recommended your solution to us in addition to ActiveCampaign for sending our newsletters.

What have you done to boost your marketing strategy?

Today we use classic practices like SEO, SEA, emailing and marketing automation.

We still have a lot of room for improvement. Online shopping represents a small part of our turnover...

Do you think your community is more engaged because of your emails?

Yes, the results are convincing thanks to the statistics table. Visitors buy much more with the emails we send. If we don't send these emails, we would lose out on online sales.

Do you find it easy to manage your marketing pressure?

Yes. To be honest, I trust you 100% (although I do look at the unsubscribe rate). I know that the platform has this feature natively built in. As a result, our customers receive emails at the right time with the right products for them.

How do you measure your performance?

Thanks to the Kiliba dashboard. The platform provides all the figures I need to analyse: number of emails sent, opening rate, click rate, turnover generated, etc.

Kiliba in a few words?

The ease of use and efficiency of the platform. I don't need to log in every day. As soon as I set up, with a few clicks, the workflows run automatically (you could almost forget it sometimes). Fortunately, our CSM calls us regularly to let us know what's new...

In any case, I recommend Kiliba to my professional entourage!

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