Our algorithms identify the target of each email, the products to recommend to each customer and write the emails.

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Standard workflows

Basic, but effective. Activate the 6 classic workflows and make your business take off.

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Advanced workflows

Original, but impactful. Activate the 16 advanced workflows and watch your KPI's explode.

Automatic personalization of the customer journey

Instead of delivering the same experience to each of your customers, we provide you with a list of 23 workflows to customize the customer journey.

With Kiliba, there is no need to prepare the content of the different workflows or define the time between the different actions. We do it for you.

Dashboard with product recommendations

A personalized workflow according to your needs

You have news specific to your online store? We have the custom workflow for you! This offers you the possibility to create a unique workflow according to your needs to convert more on that special occasion.

Dashboard with product recommendations

Creation of coupon codes for your customers

Increase your profits with promo codes at Kiliba. Create and customize promo codes for your customers, add them to your templates and send them easily by email. You can track their usage and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

Dashboard with product recommendations

You are on the verge of making a killing

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Re-engagement of existing customers

Kiliba offers re-engagement campaigns to achieve this goal. Your current customers have an affinity for your brand and have provided valuable information about their purchase profile.

By making them a priority in your loyalty strategy, you can encourage them to discover new products to ultimately develop your sales.

Dashboard with product recommendations

"The time saved is on the order of 3 to 4 hours per week"

Alexandre Di Blasi, Communication Manager at SEA TECH & FUN EUROPE

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Kiliba's 23 emailing workflow

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Winter sale

Attract your customers during the winter sales.

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Welcome to
your new customers

Visit without purchase

Follow up visitors who did not buy anything on your site.

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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

Love is priceless, a gift is always a pleasure.


Send your new products to customers who are eager to learn something new.

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Man with lots of ideas
Back to school

We are all missing a product on the first day of school.

gift and discount ticket

Help Father Christmas spread the joy with your products.

Man surfing on a promotion ticket

Send your promotional products to customers who are interested in promotions.

Registration Anniversary

Remind your customers of the good time they had together.

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Sale on a smartphone

Offer your customers complementary products to a purchase.

Best customers

Retain your best customers #retention

Customer with a star
Customer birthday

Send a note to your customers on their birthday.


Wish your customers a happy birthday.

Man and woman having a party
New Year's Eve

Celebrate the New Year with your customers.

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Sad shopping cart
Abandoned basket

Follow up with your customers who have not completed their purchases.

Black Friday

Attract black Friday shoppers to your shop.

Online promotion
discount smartphone sale
Summer sales

Attract your customers during the summer sales.

Mother's Day

Help your customers find the best gift for mums.

two women celebrating a birthday
woman carrying a gift
Father's Day

Help your customers find the best gift for dads.


Are your customers scared? You can comfort them with your best products.

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Send at least 1 email per month to your active customers.

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