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Your Marketing Automation in two minutes with Artificial Intelligence

Automate your e-commerce email marketing with Kiliba's AI! Without doing anything, you'll boost your sales!

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Recommending the right products with Kiliba's artificial intelligence

By recommending the right products to the right people at the right time, you improve your company's marketing effectiveness and increase your revenue significantly.

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Advanced native segmentation

Our algorithms segment your customers for you based on their recency, frequency and average shopping basket (ABB). This feature allows you to effectively target your customers with our marketing campaigns and personalize your messages based on the preferences of each customer segment.

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kiliba takes care of everything!
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Creating and writing emails for you

Do you want to chat with GPT? Kiliba does even better!
Via our predefined and customizable email marketing templates, Kiliba offers you a considerable time saving! You don't waste time writing your email and choosing your products.

The automatic content generation allows to improve even more the personalization of emails!

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Automation of workflows

Kiliba and its 23 scenarios adapt to all the events of your e-commerce, from the most generic to the most specific, without additional work for you.

You click once, Kiliba takes care of the rest.

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How does it work?

Connect Kiliba to your CMS 

Add the Kiliba module to your store's back office. It automatically creates your email templates from your logo colors.

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Select your emailing scenarios‍

Choose from our 20 or so predefined workflows that trigger based on your customers' behavior or key dates.

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Watch your click-through rates explode‍

You don't have to do anything, Kiliba takes care of everything: choosing the audience, the content, personalised product recommendations and sending the emails.

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Native artificial intelligence

In addition to recommending products, Kiliba's artificial intelligence can enrich your customer data.

Work faster. Sell better.

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Simple 10 minute integration to your CMS

Kiliba is a Prestashop, Adobe Commerce and Shopify partner. No technical skills are required. Our module is simple and very fast to install in order to be operational in a very short time.

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Our customers speak about Kiliba better than we do

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Camille Hubert

My Little Lights

I am very happy with this solution. Everything is personalized and adapted, and personally I have very good results...
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Frédérique de Gentile


You save a lot of time in the daily life of your start-up.
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Luc Cochet

Marketing and Business Manager at La Compagnie Dumas

The advantages it provides are real, especially in terms of time saving and targeting to optimize the opening rate.

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Benoit Templier

WebSEO Manager at Yoga Searcher

Kiliba is a very effective and relevant solution. As an early customer, we have noticed the constant evolution of its features.
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Mathias Fouilhé

Digital strategy consultant

Of the different tools I have tested, it is the one that is the fastest to deploy and that brings concrete results! And to top it all off, the team is really nice and responsive!
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You are on the verge of making a killing

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kiliba takes care of everything!
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Kiliba, a marketing automation solution for e-retailers

We started from a simple observation: 80% of the emails sent are not opened by customers. As an e-retailer, or as a digital marketing manager in an e-commerce, how frustrating it is to know that your newsletter is not getting through. See more...

As you have noticed, managing your database to send the right email to the right target is also a time consuming activity. We know that time is precious and that your actions must be profitable. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors so that your mailing hits the mark? That it is opened and read to give you the possibility that the customer converts? To help you, we have created Kiliba, a 100% autonomous marketing automation solution, which puts at your disposal all the marketing automation features to design and automate the sending of emails.

What is the secret of our marketing automation software?

It can be summed up in 2 words: Artificial Intelligence. Behind these words are actually powerful algorithms that we have developed over the last 3 years.

Our marketing automation solution aims to automate your actions thanks to an analysis capacity much more powerful than that of a human! A true predictive marketing tool, Kiliba predicts the actions of your contacts based on information collected on their profiles, their interactions with your e-commerce and their purchase history.

Your database represents a large number of contacts that cannot be processed manually.

With Kiliba, we no longer talk about emailing campaigns, which are tedious to set up and often unsuccessful. Today, we are able to automatically trigger marketing emails based on an event or following a specific behavior of your customer.

What is the state of email marketing?

It is well known that email marketing is part of an inbound marketing strategy, which is nowadays essential to capture customers' attention. However, all this content can seem intrusive and lack relevance in the eyes of the audience, if it is not targeted.

It's time for a little ecological parenthesis because digital pollution is not a myth, it really exists. Indeed, the thousands of unread emails that end up stored in our mailboxes add to our carbon footprint. Yes, storing emails is energy consuming! But here's the thing: email is one of the preferred channels for customers to get in touch with e-tailers. It even ranks ahead of social networks. 

To answer these two issues, we suggest you optimize this essential channel that is email marketing. With Kiliba, you give confidence to your customers, you boost your opening rate and improve your turnover.

What marketing automation features does Kiliba offer? 

  1. Kiliba offers you the possibility, with a simple module, to target your audience and send a relevant and interesting marketing email. Let's take the example of a customer who has just bought a camera on your e-commerce site: you will identify him and be able to recommend him to buy lenses or a carrying bag in a future email. All you have to do is make your choice in our scenario library and Kiliba will do the rest. Our algorithms will automatically identify the best audience for each email, the products to recommend to each of your customers and then write and send the emails.

  1. Kiliba offers you to create your emails in several different languages. This is an advantage if you want to quickly develop your business internationally.

  1. Our marketing automation tool does not require any manual validation except for the choice of workflows. Unlike other classic tools, Kiliba can offer you real profitability without having to do a lot of work upstream (segmentation, targeting, personalization, data synchronization, wording, etc.).

  1. The machine learning makes Kiliba one of the best software on the market to boost the performance of your emails. Visible results quickly with marketing automation tools. 

  1. You can easily track the performance of your email campaigns in Google Analytics. You just have to add the name of your email provider (Kiliba) in the UTM tag of your emails. 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) related to orders and scenario performance are visible from a clear and comprehensive dashboard. You can quickly see that your results are improving to reach :

  • An opening rate of more than 50%.
  • A click rate of more than 8%.

With better visibility, you can now increase your e-commerce conversions and sales. You can use your time to focus on other tasks. See less...