Who are we?

That's an interesting question...

CEO Kiliba - Amaury de Larauze
Amaury de Larauze

"Like Kiliba, I am a man of purpose!

Revolution is my passion"

CRO - Arnaud Becker
Arnaud Becker

"When I get up in the morning I have two objectives:

1. To revolutionize a market that does not innovate much and whose big historical players leave Marketers without an efficient solution to retain their database.

2. To make sure that my three children brush their teeth properly."

Our history

Once upon a time, there were two passionate entrepreneurs, Arnaud Becker and Amaury Hug de Larauze. Working for ten years in email marketing with a first company that was already standing on its two feet, the founders realized that it was not so simple for e-retailers to set up a marketing automation strategy.

What's more, the two founders, like knights in shining armor, were keen to do something for the planet by proposing to reduce the number of emails they send, and target them more effectively. But how? That's when the doors of artificial intelligence opened up before them...

Kiliba was born from this observation: the fundamental desire to take on its opponents and develop a simple tool to profoundly change the productivity of e-retailers!

Our values


Always positive and empathetic, we show kindness to our clients during our rescue missions.

Listen to

We are equipped with a super hearing aid to better understand our customers.


Our gadgets are state of the art. They allow us to have superpowers!

Our values


No matter what obstacles stand in our way, we do our best to help you achieve your goals!


In the face of adversity, we strive to achieve a high level of requirement and excellence in order to offer a service that is worthy of our clients.


On a mission, we fly to your rescue and promise to guarantee our commitments!

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It is our decisions that make
us who we are.
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Supported by successful entrepreneurs

Our investors are above all talented entrepreneurs, who bring us
their expertise to make Kiliba the tool you have always dreamed of.


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