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By Johanne

"The advantage with Kiliba is that with your algorithms, our emails are well targeted according to users' profiles. Without the tool, I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own, it would have taken me a lot of time."

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Could you tell me about By Johanne's background?

By Johanne is an online store of jewelry, clothing and accessories that exists since 2007. We sell in France and all over the world. We also have 3 stores (Lyon, Megève and La Clusaz).

Our particularity is that all the jewels of our brand are handmade, in our workshop in Lyon. We also distribute other designer brands, accessories, clothing and jewelry.

Our marketing strategy is well thought out, we have put in place many actions to acquire and retain our customers:

- Improvement of the ergonomics of our website with all the UI/UX part to optimize our conversion rate, lower our bounce rate and increase our average basket
- Natural referencing / SEO
- Social Ads
- Marketing automation
- Influence marketing
- Newsletters on our database to make customer loyalty
- Cross channel marketing through our three stores
- Print communication in the packages we send. This is an important element in the user experience, for customer loyalty, and it allows us to bring a personal touch to our customers.

We also offer in-store pickup, which is what sets us apart from other competitors.

What was your initial problem before Kiliba?

We wanted to deploy a marketing automation strategy without spending endless time setting it up. The tools available on the market today often require a long and complex setup. This is why I responded positively to your sales representative's request when he contacted me. It was an opportunity to do this quickly and efficiently!

What kind of tools did you use before?

When I arrived at By Johanne, there was no marketing automation. We only send newsletters with Sendinblue.

How do you use Kiliba?

It's our only marketing automation tool. I use almost all the workflows. It allows me to retain my customers with the "Abandoned cart relaunch" workflows or convert new ones with the "Visit without purchase" workflow for example.

What was your first observation?

The first observation is the ease of deployment! Kiliba is an ultra-accessible, ultra-easy solution. I put all the workflows online in less than half a day of configuration.

When you don't have much time, that's what really makes the difference. I have personally recommended you to others. I even left a review on Google! To be honest, I haven't seen a tool that offers these features and generates these results before!

What are the results? Could you compare a term with Kiliba to a term without?

We did a 3-month test before deciding on an annual subscription. It was conclusive from the moment that, in half a day, I was able to put 20 workflows online and that from the first month, the tool was profitable.

As for the figures, it is difficult to quantify, but we can estimate a 10 to 15% increase in sales. In addition, we obtain an opening rate of 51% with a very satisfactory conversion rate.

How many customers do you have in your database? How many of them are targeted by your campaigns?

We have just over 7,000 email addresses in our database. We don't target bots, fake accounts and unregistered people. The advantage is that with your algorithms, our emails are well targeted according to the users' profiles. Without the tool, I couldn't have done it alone, it would have taken me a lot of time.

Kiliba in a few words?

The ease, the time saving, the profitability, the performance of the tool and the human contact. I have had several contacts with you and each time, the answers are always given quickly. It's very nice to work with you! Thanks again to the whole team!

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