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effortlessly with our AI.

Kiliba automatically creates your HTML templates from your graphic charter. Then customize them at will.

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Customized email templates for your customers

Kiliba offers you pre-designed templates adapted to your online store! We integrate, from the back-office of your CMS, your graphic charter and your products.

Thus, the emails sent are tailor-made according to your brand image and directly integrate your products to effectively recommend them to your recipients! In addition, Kiliba allows you to automatically generate the content!


Do you sell internationally?

Multilingual email templates available in 7 different languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese), Kiliba responds to the problem of internationalization while helping you improve your conversion rate with the same efficiency.

Your customers receive personalized marketing emails in their language to facilitate conversion.


You are on the verge of making a killing

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A growing conversion rate

Optimize your conversion rate by going beyond basic personalization like using {{first name}}. By integrating AI, Kliba offers you to send an email with the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

You will get even better results.


Integration with your CMS in 10 minutes!

Thanks to our partnership with Prestashop, Adobe Commerce and Shopify, the integration of Kiliba to your CMS is quick and easy. You don't need any technical skills to install our module, which is designed to be simple and operational in record time.

Dashboard with product recommendations

"A growth between 20 to 25% in a few months, this is the service provided by Kiliba"

Matthieu Duverger, Manager at Duverger Nature & Bien-être

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Discover the customisations

When you connect Kiliba to your CMS, the solution automatically integrates your logo, your colors in your template.

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Integration of your colors
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It is important that your email is as convincing as possible. That's why Kiliba automatically integrates your colors in your emails from your graphic charter. Good color management can make a difference!

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Inserting your logo
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Kiliba inserts your logo directly into your emails. This will allow you to be recognized more easily and to gain visibility.

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Tone selection
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The tone you use in your messages influences the user experience. You need to use the right words, at the right time and in the right place. We have three types of tone available to you.

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Putting your networks forward

All opportunities are good to take to multiply its communication. Integrating social networks in your emails increases visibility at a lower cost.

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The advantages of a turnkey html email template

With Kiliba, you don't need to have extensive knowledge on graphic design or be an experienced coder in HTML and CSS to produce html email templates. In a few minutes, you can set up an email for your customers using our simple and intuitive marketing automation tool. See more...

To save time

Our developers have taken care to design html page templates so that you generate the perfect email in 3 minutes. We provide you with free predefined html email templates in which the colors of your logo are automatically analyzed and used. Import the psd images of your choice to illustrate your email. You are done.

Our goal is to make your job easier with a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn. Your marketing department's efforts can then be focused on other missions. No need to spend hours looking for the perfect layout with Kiliba! 

According to a Campaign Monitor study, emails that don't render correctly within 3 seconds on mobile are likely to be deleted. With our responsive email templates, there's no chance of making a code error that could cause a rendering problem or worse, a deliverability problem.

To show consistency in your communications

In editor mode, you can choose the tone that best suits your company and your site. As you know, it is important to maintain harmony by respecting the editorial and graphic guidelines that have been defined beforehand by your marketing department. They are valid for all your communication supports.

The user will become familiar with your brand and easily recognize your communications, on social networks, on your website as well as on your customer emails.

By clicking on your newsletter, the customer will automatically arrive on your site, he will find a consistency in your design. This uniformity will be an asset for the visibility of your brand. It is therefore essential to assert your visual identity even in the html template of your newsletter. 

Of course, we have thought of everything. It is still possible to modify the newsletter template because we know that no rule is valid without exception! So, if you feel like going pink for your special Valentine's Day email marketing for example, feel free to change the color of the header, the buttons or the background of the email.

To reach all the recipients of your email

All your contacts will have access to a newsletter with impeccable graphics and personalized content for two reasons:

  • Our HTML and CSS templates are compatible with all your clients' email services: Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, etc.
  • Our templates guarantee responsive emails. They display correctly on all screens: tablet, computer, smartphone, etc. According to a Litmus study, 43% of emails are received and opened on mobile. Optimizing the display on mobile is therefore a point not to be neglected in your marketing strategy.

How can an html email template help you achieve your goals quickly?

The growth of your e-commerce and your business depends on 3 factors:

- Your visibility

- Converting your prospects into customers

- Keep your customers coming back

Today, the way to keep in touch with your customers is first and foremost email marketing. Social networks come second. 

That's why we have set up Kiliba, a creation and design tool for your email campaigns. Are you ready to test our html email template editor and reach a 3% conversion rate? See less...

You are on the verge of making a killing