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"Kiliba stood out for its simplicity of use by providing its customers with all the marketing automation features to design and automate the sending of emails while customising them."

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Can you tell me about the history / background of SPS Filets?

We are a company that is structured around four specific areas, with netting as our core business! We are present in the worlds of accrobranche, building and civil engineering safety, sports, where we offer equipment adapted to sports complexes and municipalities (ball protection nets, golf ball protection and sports furniture) and leisure, where we offer a tailor-made play experience supervised by a design office.

There are 3 of us working in the Marketing and Communication department. The director, who is in charge of graphic design, print development and events. A trainee, under my supervision, to manage the entire Community Management strategy. As for me, I'm the Webmarketing and Digital Manager, I manage the e-commerce site and I steer the digital strategy.

How did you hear about kiliba?

We were simply canvassed by your sales team! We had the right to a full explanation and a simulation of all the features of Kiliba.

What was your initial problem before Kiliba? What tool(s) do you use?

We had several problems, but increasing our turnover was the main one. To achieve this quickly, we opted for your tool, which has the advantage of being based on artificial intelligence. We have been working with you for exactly six months now and we are ready to continue our commitment for another year.

What tool(s) do you use?

We use several solutions: Avis Vérifiés to obtain engagement and feedback from our customers, Adwords to be visible and accessible through SEA, Sendinblue (emailing solution) to bring news and novelties to our users by distinguishing the contents according to the poles of activities.

What have you done to boost your marketing strategy?

We are trying to develop a strategy for all the available levers, whether it be SEO, where we have reviewed all our content and are perfecting it day by day, or SEA, for which we are supported by a specialist agency, and finally, classic emailing, social networks and networking, which we manage in-house. For the past 6 months, we have also integrated Kiliba's artificial intelligence into our digital development.

Do you think your community is more engaged because of your emails?

In our field, it was important to continue some of the emailing management. Our customers are asking for these monthly communiqués specifying the new products which integrate our product catalogue (I speak here for the tree climbing sector). I would say that the Kiliba solution may not allow us to gain in commitment but it is a real financial lever that has allowed us to capture many sales that we might have missed without this tool!

Do you find it easy to manage your marketing pressure?

Yes, I think so. More concretely, the automation of marketing campaigns is a real advantage. Being able to free ourselves from a task like this allows us to better focus on other tasks...

How do you measure your performance?

We track the traffic generated and the turnover. The dashboard is simple and the results speak for themselves.

What do you like most about our service?

The perfect autonomy of the solution. Today, it is essential to work on several strategic axes in digital marketing. We must constantly find effective and fast solutions. This is the advantage of Kiliba: unlike other players on the market, the solution requires almost no investment in time (apart from during the launch and from time to time to check that everything is going well). The tool runs autonomously and generates turnover.

Kiliba in a few words?

Simplicity, as we have noticed since our first meeting during the demonstration; a real ease of access and control. And above all, efficiency, because in six months, the tool has lived up to our expectations.

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