Heading for the future: AI and R&D at Kiliba

Discover the future of marketing automation with Kiliba's artificial intelligence (AI). A truly innovative experience designed by our R&D team

Innovation, our DNA

A look at the heart of our AI

The technical stack

By using MLflow for Model Ops, we have streamlined the lifecycle of our machine learning models, from development to production, ensuring reproducibility and model tracking, which improves Archimedes' performance and reliability.

By harnessing the power of databricks, we are able to perform large-scale data analysis and engineering, which fuels the continuous improvement of our recommendation engine. Databricks' collaborative environment facilitates interaction between our data scientists and engineers, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

The future of R&D at Kiliba

Preparing for the future

Our R&D team doesn't just solve today's problems: it anticipates the creation of new opportunities for the future. By constantly improving our engine, our team explores potential ideas such as the use of reinforcement learning. We are then laying the foundations for a communication system that is even easier to understand, but above all more effective.

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Kiliba is more than a tool, it's a companion on your marketing journey. With every advance in AI and R&D, we're not just advancing our platform, we're redefining what's possible in customer engagement for SMBs.