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"Kiliba is an easy-to-use platform. It gives me more time to implement other strategies, other types of campaigns, focus on high value-added actions."

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Can you introduce me to Vapoclope ?
What marketing strategy does it implement ? How did they choose Kiliba ?

We are a company of electronic cigarettes. We have been around for a little over ten years and have an online store as well as a physical store. We are customers of Kiliba since October 2021. It is also one of your customers, Bivea, who recommended Kiliba. We seized the opportunity and we are quite satisfied!

As far as our digital marketing strategy is concerned, it is mainly centred on our numerous publications on our various social networks. We also organise events on our website and competitions.

In fact, for the tenth anniversary of our website, we are going to change our entire visual identity.

Are you thinking of changing your CMS?

Absolutely! Currently we are on PrestaShop. We intend to develop our site to be more modern by offering more animations, creating a chatbot ... which requires the change of CMS.

What was your initial problem before Kiliba?

We had another tool, which we still use and with which we send our communications, news and promotions.

But this provider does not allow us to target our campaigns effectively. On the other hand, Kiliba allows it! Thanks to artificial intelligence, the tool targets the right people at the right time. The figures speak for themselves: our opening rate has clearly increased. We went from 4% to more than 40% with more than 2800 orders. That's simply TOP.

How do you use Kiliba?

I don't use all the workflows. In the world of electronic cigarettes, we have certain problems, we are very controlled, we can't send mass email campaigns.

What workflows are activated?

My activated workflows are the "Booster", the "Abandoned cart", the "Customer birthday", the "New products", the "Cross selling", and our best workflow which brings us the most sales: "Promotions"!

What was your first observation?

As soon as we set up Kiliba, I was immediately attracted: the figures are very detailed, I can see which workflows work best. The platform allows me to be reactive, to stop or start workflows when I need to. I have noticed a real difference in my KPI's.

Could we compare this year to a year without Kiliba? During the sales or in other workflows?

Sales have multiplied. The thing I particularly like about Kiliba is the detailed reporting that I can extract and share with the teams so that they can really see what's working and what's not.

How many contacts do you have in your database?

We have a large database: it represents about 30K contacts, but I target only 19K contacts for qualitative reasons. Not to mention that the electronic cigarette sector does not allow us to communicate with everyone.

What do you particularly like about Kiliba?

It's an easy-to-use platform. It gives me more time to implement other strategies, other types of campaigns, to focus on high added value actions.

Kiliba in a few words?

The ease of use, a responsive, dynamic and friendly team. In short, we are satisfied: thank you Kiliba!

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