CRM marketing - Customer data enrichment

Kiliba identifies the profile of each customer and enriches your customer knowledge: gender, satisfaction rate, customer segment, etc.

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Know your customers.

With Kiliba, you really get to know your customers. Moreover, personalized emails allow you to make a difference and show your customer that your product or content has been designed specifically for them.

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Identification of the gender of clients

Your customers don't fill in their gender when they register? Don't worry, our algorithms predict it if needed from their first name and their behavior on your site.

The recommendation algorithms then highlight male, female or unisex products depending on the customer and the nature of your products.

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Automated RFM customer segmentation

We segment your customers for you based on the recency, frequency and average basket of their purchases.

Each customer is categorized as "champion", "loyalist", "recent customer", "can't loose", "at risk" or "lost". This data can significantly increase your email performance!

Don't forget!

You don't want to give the impression of being spam or just another annoying advertisement. By categorizing your customers, the goal is to personalize your emails and create a more personal user experience.

You are on the verge of making a killing

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