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A successful e-marketing strategy thanks to Kiliba's automation!

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Electrik Trotters, a brand of electric scooters and scooters, uses Kiliba and the results are there! 

Jonathan Khalifa, director ofElectrik Trotters, shares his experience since integrating Kiliba into his online store.

A desire to strengthen its e-marketing strategy 

Although approached by several digital marketing companies, the brand was won over by Kiliba, which enabled it to meet its e-marketing challenges.

The brand wanted to develop its sales but due to a lack of digital knowledge and time, it was complicated to do it internally. Indeed, Electrik Trotters is composed of two people: one in the store and one in the after-sales service. Therefore, it was necessary to outsource this skill thanks to the solution offered by Kiliba!  

By automating the emails, especially the abandoned cart or the customer birthday, the brand was able to see its e-marketing strategy evolve! On the one hand, "Kiliba's strength has been to catch 70 to 80% of customers/prospects who visit the brand's website without buying anything". All this thanks to personalized emails sent at the right time. On the other hand, the brand was able to observe its turnover increase. And not the least: an increase of up to 40% during the summer season!  

Through the automatic mailing, Jonathan also saves five or even six hours of work per week, which is almost one day of work per week! 

An easy-to-use tool!   

"I thought it was a very complicated tool... On the contrary, after a day, you get completely familiar with Kiliba which is very easy to use". It is not us who say it, it is our interviewee! 

Beyond the practicality and ease of use of the tool, communication with the after-sales team is one of KIliba's main assets. 

As Jonathan points out: "When I have ideas for a scenario, I share them with my account manager who can put them into action". This attentiveness is much appreciated because it shows Kiliba's interest in its customers, unlike large American companies...  

The final word? 

"We are very pleased with Kiliba and will definitely continue with Kiliba!"

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