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"We had no idea what the expected results would be. But after a year, the numbers are pretty amazing as we've increased our investment 10-fold."

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Hello, I'm Camille Emelina, Marketing and Sales Director for the Royalties brand.

Can you introduce us to your brand?

Royalties is a brand of socks made in France. The brand has existed for 10 years. We manufacture high quality socks for men and women. We also offer a capsule of hats and scarves to match our socks. And some cushions for decoration...

What were your motivations for using Kiliba?

We are a small team of two people. We have to manage everything and the operational side takes a lot of time. We used to send newsletters regularly to our customer database but it was always tedious. And we discovered Kiliba which we adopted a year ago!

How did you get started with Kiliba?

To be honest, we are not "geeks": we know how to knit! And yet the handling of Kiliba was very easy. It is a very user friendly platform. We had no problem understanding how it works. In 2 days, the first campaigns were launched. We started with tests with all the scenarios that were proposed. Moreover, the technical support is there to help us, they are really listening at Kiliba!

How do you check the results of Kiliba?

Since the scenarios are automatic, once they are activated, I only need to look at the platform once a month. Also, we didn't have any idea what the expected results would be. But after one year, the numbers are quite amazing as we have multiplied our investment by 10.

The final word?

Well, come and discover our creations on the website, subscribe to the newsletter and you will be regularly informed of all the news thanks to Kiliba HERE.

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