CMS integration

In one click, it's connected! Kiliba allows you to be operational in a very short time!

Available on Prestashop, Shopify and Adobe Commerce in 10 minutes!

By quickly connecting to these platforms, Kiliba retrieves customer data such as orders, purchases, products viewed and cart abandonments, allowing businesses to better understand their customers and personalize their communication.

This quick and easy integration of Kiliba makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their customer experience and drive growth.


A complete Dashboard and precise KPIs

Kiliba makes reporting easy for you! Our dashboard allows you to easily monitor your results. You will be able to control all the performances of your campaigns and follow the engagement of your customers following the reception of one of your emails.

Kiliba Dashboard

Leading indicators

> Your sales generated through Kiliba
> The dates of opening the email and the purchase that followed
> The scenario that led to the purchase
> The amount generated by the email sent

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You are on the verge of making a killing

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"The average basket has increased by an average of €100 with Kiliba!"

Chloé Martins de Menou, E-commerce and Marketing Manager of the Oscar and Valentine brand

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