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Kiliba interviewed Chloé, e-commerce and marketing manager of the Oscar and Valentine brand. Kiliba accompanies the company in its international growth project with amazing results.

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Kiliba supports the growth of Oscar and Valentine

Oscar et Valentine is a French brand created in 2004 in Paris. This small company specializes in 100% cashmere layette for babies and children. Although its team is small, the brand is known internationally, especially in the United States, despite its niche and very seasonal market. It is therefore essential to grow all year long.

At the microphone of Kiliba : Chloé Martins de Menou, E-commerce and Marketing Manager of the brand

Chloe is a former student in community management of the company. Now, she holds the position of E-commerce and Marketing Manager. Her missions are versatile (just like the other employees of the company). 

On the one hand, they consist in the management of the website, sales (obviously!), customer relations for the e-commerce part. On the other hand, for the marketing aspect, it is above all the management of the collaborations and partnerships as well as the various seasonal projects (Christmas, holidays...) because evolving on the market of the ready-to-wear children, the calendar is very busy. 

Growth is his project... 

The cashmere market is very strongly influenced by the seasons. Indeed, the products sold work much better in winter than in summer. Therefore, Oscar & Valentine's main objective is to continue to retain its current customers annually by maintaining a strong contact over the long term while acquiring new customers through a more important outreach. Thus, growth is a major issue for this company despite its small size. The time spent on email marketing cannot be large as well as the human resources allocated to this task. It is then necessary to find THE solution that accompanies the brand in this beautiful project. 

...Kiliba helps him to realize it 

The undeniable advantage of Kiliba is its automation as Chloe says so well: "[...] everything runs by itself, we have nothing to do". This allows the team to use the time saved for other tasks with high added value. 

Kiliba, by its general automation, allows to free up a lot of time. Indeed, despite the real desire of Oscar and Valentine to interact and therefore maintain contact with its customers, this task becomes very quickly time-consuming. However, its customer base is very active and responds positively to emails sent. Personalization and automation are the two major assets that Kiliba offers, which perfectly meets the expectations of Chloe and the brand more globally. 

Another positive point is the fact that she can customize everything. This customization to her online store gives her peace of mind because she knows what emails are being sent and what they look like. Indeed, there is no doubt that the shared communications come from Oscar and Valentine. 

Thus, about fifteen scenarios are activated to meet the brand's expectations. Here is the list: 

  • Registration Anniversaries
  • Welcome
  • Booster
  • Ephemeris 
  • Best customer award 
  • Abandoned cart relaunch 
  • Visit without purchase 
  • Mother's Day 
  • Father's Day 
  • Halloween 
  • Christmas 
  • New Year's Eve
  • Valentine's Day 
  • Winter / Summer sales 
  • Back to school 

Of course, the calendar scenarios are activated at the appropriate time of the year by Chloe and her intern. 

In addition to Kiliba, the brand Oscar and Valentine uses a newsletter software to encourage its customers to register. The strategy then implemented is to acquire new customers through the newsletter, to feed the contact and create links with them via emails sent by Kiliba. This synergy completely satisfies the company. 

Easy and intuitive to use 

Beyond the advice given by Oscar and Valentine's account manager, the platform is very easy to use and above all very intuitive. The learning curve was therefore quick: understanding the scenarios and the dashboard, customizing the platform to adapt the emails to its brand image (texts, colors...) and to its needs.  

Moreover, since the configuration of Kiliba was done with Chloe's student, there was no need for special training because of its simplicity. This has freed up a lot of time. The integration of Kiliba is "quite good, quite simple" as she points out. 

As for monitoring results and performance, Chloe consults them at least once a month. 

Promising results! 

Thanks to Kiliba, the new customers of the brand buy more than before. It can see that 47% of its new customers have made a purchase since the integration of our module in early November, against 36% before, an 11 percentage point increase. The average shopping cart has also increased by an average of 100€.

The final word?

To conclude, the brand is satisfied with Kiliba and is not ready to stop because it sees concrete results. "The time saved by Kiliba is invaluable to keep in touch with our customers" adds Chloe.

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