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A growth between 20 to 25% in a few months, this is the service provided by Kiliba to Matthieu, manager of the Duverger Nature & Bien-être store.

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Kiliba is at the service of Duverger Nature & Bien-être! 

Duverger Nature & Bien-être has growth issues. Obviously, it is about attracting new customers and making more turnover. The issue of loyalty through email reminders (basket reminder, newsletter...) was also an important issue to show the activity of the online store in order to remain memorable. However, Matthieu, the store's manager, has little time to devote to his marketing actions.

Meet Matthieu Duverger, manager of his online store. 

As the store's manager, Matthieu has a very versatile role: he has to take care of all the management of his store and website, logistics (suppliers, salespeople...) and everything that concerns community management. 

But what is Duverger Nature & Bien-être?  

The brand Duverger Nature & Bien-être is initially a physical store based in Clermont-Ferrand. Its specialization lies in the sale of products based on hemp and mainly based on CBD. Other products are also added, like mate. All products are organic and natural! 

The challenges of the online store 

As he pointed out, he is looking for the perfect balance between "I send very few communications" and "I harass my customers". So he needs to send relevant emails to stay memorable in his customers' minds while balancing his marketing pressure.  

The help provided by Kiliba  

"The scarcest commodity these days is time" and Kiliba makes it possible to meet all these challenges while using the minimum amount of time possible. The tool mainly addresses two issues: 

  • Time saving 
  • Taking charge of all commercial actions to show customers that the brand is active and make them want to (re)come and buy. 

The simplicity of the tool is what seduces Matthieu the most! He has no time to spend on emails whose "elaboration can be complicated and the result not necessarily very clean" ... The undeniable advantage of Kiliba is the proposal of pure commercial relaunch, and this very easily! It is this advantage that prompted him to try (and then adopt!) our solution. 

Also, as he adds: "the design of emails is in line with the standard expected by customers of commercial emails. However, Kiliba simplifies them to make them even more intuitive. 

Moreover, the learning curve went very well thanks to Capucine, CSM at Kiliba. After activating one or two scenarios at launch to get a better understanding of the tool, particularly certain specific parameters, adoption was very quick! Indeed, many scenarios were activated afterwards in order to offer multiple possibilities to (re)come on its online store. 

It activated a total of 10 scenarios: 

  • The abandoned cart re-launch scenario (simpler and more intuitive than the one proposed by its CMS)
  • Customer birthdays: We send an email to its customers for their birthday! 
  • Welcome : An email is sent following the creation of an account by one of its new customers
  • Booster: Kiliba sends an email to its customers who have been active but have not received any emails for 30 days. 
  • Cross-selling: Sending an email with complementary products to the product(s) purchased 15 days ago by the customer.
  • Referral: We send an email to registered customers to refer their relatives. 
  • Promotions: As soon as your products go on promotion in the store, we send them in an email only to customers who have already purchased from the promotion.
  • New products: As soon as new products are added to the store, we send them in an email only to customers who have already purchased the new product.
  • Visit without purchase (quite evocative)
  • And calendar scenarios to see "as we go along".

As for the control of Kiliba, Matthieu lets the tool manage itself by deciding however to activate or deactivate certain scenarios! As a result, he frees up an "enormous" amount of time while allowing him to generate much better performance. Indeed, since he uses Kiliba, his sales have increased between 20 and 25% per month and he has a conversion rate of 3.5%. 

The final word?

Overall, the premise is very positive, waiting to see if more business will be generated from the emails sent!

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