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The problem? The need for a simple, ROI-saving solution. The solution? Kiliba.

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Direct Clôtures' challenge: Retargeting after the purchase of a product usually bought only once!

Isabelle Quivaux, digital manager for the Betafence brand, shares her experience since integrating Kiliba into the Direct Clôtures brand.

The Direct Clôtures and Betafence adventure 

The Direct Clôture adventure began in 1879, when a hardware merchant devised an artificial burr fence to guard his cows. Nearly 125 years later, Betafence's Marketing France team began the e-commerce adventure in 2006 with the Direct Clôtures brand. The brand quickly established itself as the e-commerce leader in fencing and gates, thanks to the imagination of the group's creator. 

The search for a simple, easy-to-understand product

As the sole manager of the Direct Clôtures e-commerce site, Isabelle was looking for an intuitive tool that would make it easy to set up an effective and profitable retargeting strategy. Retaining customers who buy a product like fencing, which is not frequently repurchased, is a complex challenge! 

After testing a marketing automation solution called ShopiMind, which required the use of developers for installation, Isabelle wasn't completely convinced. So her search continued, until she discovered Kiliba, a solution perfectly suited to her needs.

Discovering Kiliba

The intuitive interface of our marketing automation solution won over Betafence's digital manager.

The simple integration with PrestaShop, achieved in just a few clicks, generated significant time savings, and Kiliba was quickly up and running. Our tool meets Direct Clôtures' needs perfectly!

The results speak for themselves! Despite the specific nature of the products sold by the brand and the absence of traditional retargeting scenarios (customer birthdays, Christmas, etc.), Direct Clôtures achieved an open rate of 50-60%, an average basket of €700 and a conversion rate of 4.19%. This represents a 35% improvement over ShopiMind.

The effective human accompaniment we provide encourages continuous optimization of the use of the tool, to best meet the brand's needs (thanks Capucine!).

The final word? 

‍"Keep up the good work! Your proximity and ease of access are much appreciated and I love how simple and innovative you are." 

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