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"Kiliba is simplicity above all! The tool is customisable, easy to set up and ergonomic. We just have to view the KPI's after programming it."

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Can you tell me the story of House & Garden?

House & Garden was founded in 2005 and acquired in 2018. It is an online store dedicated to home furnishings that offers a wide selection of furnishing solutions to arrange the interiors and exteriors of our customers.

What was your initial problem before Kiliba?

It's very simple: we were taking too much time to write our marketing automation campaigns to push our promotional offers during our sales operations. We had activated the "abandoned cart" scenario using a free tool that ran with a script.

Unfortunately, this tool was not very reliable. We could not identify the source of the post-abandoned cart purchases. Moreover, it was not at all efficient, we had no feedback and the tool sent a multitude of emails not at all targeted: in short, a flop...

What tool(s) do you use outside of Kiliba?

Today, we only use Kiliba, but previously we sent newsletters via Mailjet.

What have you done to boost your marketing strategy?

In addition to marketing automation workflows, we have also implemented Google Shopping, Google Performance Max, Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. We have also created a blog on our website. It has two objectives: to bring content to our visitors and to increase our natural referencing.  

Do you think your community is more engaged because of your emails?

Yes, that's for sure! We have more and more customers who come back to order on our site. We have fewer "one shot" orders. A simple example: today, a customer who buys a bed from us comes back to buy the matching chest of drawers. This was not the case before.

Does Kiliba help you achieve your goals?

Yes, very clearly. The tool is really great! Initially, when we started our partnership with Kiliba, we did not set any objectives, so we did not have any benchmarks. We were unable to measure how much we were making from a scenario such as "visits without purchase". Today, it is the scenario that brings us the most revenue! Moreover, we can track the origin of our orders: this is a definite advantage!

Kiliba in a few words?

Simplicity above all! Moreover, the tool is customizable, easy to set up and ergonomic. We just have to visualize the KPI's after programming it

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