What are the best triggers for your marketing automation workflows ?

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When to send an email? Which trigger to use? Find the best examples of marketing automation scenarios. Setting up effective scenarios is essential in your marketing automation strategy.

The marketing automation scenario is the "skeleton" of your automation workflow that defines when to send an email (= the trigger) and which messages to send (= the content).

Defining the right time to send an email is one of the key principles for successful email campaigns. Integrating the messages naturally into your users' journey will result in a conversion on your site every time.

This chapter presents the 3 main categories of triggers:

  • following a user's activity on your e-commerce site
  • following an event on your e-commerce store
  • following an external event or a significant date in the calendar
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Retargeting by email thanks to the behavior of your visitors

Retargeting is a practice that allows you to target leads (prospects) from your e-commerce site following an action or several actions on your site and sends messages to your prospects at the best time and with the right content.

The information gathered by analyzing each lead's actions (such as products visited) allows you to send emails that will appeal to your audience. If your e-commerce site has enough activity, retargeting is a great way to increase conversion with each action by continuing the exchange between your leads and your brand beyond your website.

Each predefined retargeting workflow on Kiliba allows you to significantly increase your company's sales by analyzing the path of your contacts on your site and by answering the following questions

How can I increase my sales after a purchase on my site?

A customer buys on your site?

Offer them a complementary product to entice them to buy. It's much easier to sell to an existing customer than to get a new one.

How can I recover abandoned shopping carts on my site?

A lead abandons his shopping cart? 41% of abandonments correspond to a real purchase intention and can be easily recovered. Catch up with this cart by giving your lead a chance to continue his buying action.

How do I follow up my leads after a visit without a purchase?

A lead visits your site and leaves without buying? Remind him the next day of the products he visited and recommend products he might like to bring him back to your site and increase conversion.

How do I welcome my new customers?

A lead from your e-commerce site has just created a user account? Welcome him by sending him your flagship products (the products that are the most visited on your site and the most purchased). It's a nice way to start the process until you get to know their tastes and send them more personalized products.

How can I reward my best customers?

One of the keys to a successful web business is customer retention and buyer loyalty. Send a regular message to your loyal customers to remind them of your products and encourage them to come back to your store.

Triggering emails about an event in your shop

In addition to retargeting, you can set up an email campaign when an event happens on your store. This type of scenario allows you to send a message containing your products and your events to a wider base of customers. If retargeting allows to target segments (even customers directly at Kiliba), the scenarios triggered on event address a much larger target and rely less on segmentation. Kiliba is a solution that integrates the 3 main events of e-commerce store.

Email triggers for sales

For an e-merchant, the sales period is very important because it remains very popular with the French. On average, a French person spends about 223€ during the sales. Attention, the sales of products "in sale" are regulated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and are only possible 2 times a year on fixed periods. Check if you respect this regulation before sending your email campaign.

Email triggers for promotions

Outside the fixed periods of sales defined by the law, e-commerce stores can offer promotional campaigns to their customers. If there is no clear and official definition of the promotion (like the sales), the term must be used correctly in order not to mislead the customer and to respect the laws in force (notably the resale at a loss). Like new products, promotions deserve to be highlighted to your prospects who are interested in these products or who have an appetite for promotions.

Email triggers to highlight your news

Your e-commerce store has new products? Let your customers know. With classic automation tools, send a newsletter to all your prospects encouraging them to see the new products on your site. Kiliba targets customers who are interested in new products and completes with recommended products to send a personalized email to these fans of new products.

Triggering emails on a calendar event

The events in the calendar are numerous and allow you to pace the year and take advantage of each opportunity to exchange with your customers. Don't hesitate to contextualize your emails with texts, images and even colors dedicated to the event. For example, you can have fun with an email for Christmas or Halloween and challenge your customers with offbeat content. There are mainly 2 categories of calendar events that you can celebrate by sending a personalized email to your customers: your customer's key dates and the key dates of the calendar.

Scenario for celebrating your customers' milestones

Show your customers that you know them and that you think of them on certain key dates in their lives. On the Kiliba solution, 2 scenarios allow to obtain very high opening rates (more than 50%): the customer's birthday and the customer's celebration (ephemeris). If the sending of these email campaigns obviously contain products, the main interest is to create a proximity and show them that you think about them. We all like to receive a little note on our birthday, so don't hesitate. Ephemeris may seem outdated, but sending a little note for the day of your customer's birthday is a very interesting automation practice because this strategy is not often used by brands and you will be able to stand out to your customer.

Scenario for celebrating calendar dates

There are many calendar celebrations that help to set the pace for your year with your customers.

For example, you can send a message to your contacts to :

  • Christmas
  • The New Year
  • Back to school
  • Mother's and Father's Day
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • Valentine's Day...

Each message should be contextualized for the event and include products that will appeal to your customers at those key times. As you have seen in this chapter, there are a multitude of workflows that serve as a tool to vary the moments you can communicate with your customers. On your Kiliba tool, all these scenarios are predefined and optimized by machine learning algorithms. You just have to activate them in 1 click.

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We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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