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Why are they partners with Kiliba?

"At Webynwe're constantly looking for ways to improve and personalize the e-commerce experience through artificial intelligence. Our partnership with Kiliba is a natural extension of this mission. Kiliba brings unrivalled expertise in email marketing automation using AI to optimize campaigns in revolutionary ways.. Together, we can offer a synergy that transcends traditional approaches to online marketing and commerce. This partnership is strategic not only because it strengthens our offering, but above all because it enables our customers to maximize their return on investment through intelligent, integrated solutions that respond precisely to the needs of their consumers."

Alexandre Farhat, Co-founder of Webyn

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Our partner in a nutshell :

Webyn is a revolutionary platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform the e-commerce experience by optimizing every interaction on your site. Our platform analyzes visitor behavior to identify and eliminate friction points, personalizing the user experience and maximizing conversions. With multivariate testing, AI-driven personalization and continuous adaptation, Webyn offers a solution that improves conversion rates by 15% to 30%, while enabling quick and easy integration into your existing infrastructure. With Webyn, you opt for advanced technology that transforms data into strategic decisions and visitors into loyal customers.

You are on the verge of making a killing

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