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Counting Kiliba in our ecosystem of partners enables The Oz to offer its customers the best automation tools, particularly for e-mailing, all boosted by AI.

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The Oz, Shopify Plus Partner, helps e-merchants generate growth on the digital market.

For more than 15 years The Oz has been supporting brands across all or part of the E-commerce value chain, with a single Leitmotiv: reduce your acquisition costs and increase your conversion.
Thanks to our redesigns and replatforming we see a 30 to 40% increase in conversion rates.

The Oz's know-how, is based on 3 pillars:

  1. A combination of technologies and an ecosystem of proprietary tools around Shopify
  2. E-commerce expertise (we manage more than 20 sites on a daily basis)
  3. ROI and Data: Analysis of your KPIs

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