Simio partner of Kiliba


Why are they partners with Kiliba?

"Kiliba and Simio share a common vision: making it possible to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The idea is to push personalization to the max and take advantage of the quality of customer data collected by Kiliba to send the best marketing campaigns both by e-mail (via Kiliba) and by WhatsApp (via Simio)."

Tiphaine Venet, Co-founder & CEO @Simio

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Our partner in a nutshell :

Simio is a platform that enables brands to activate WhatsApp as a new revenue and marketing channel. Integrated with Shopify, the platform can be used to send automation or one-off marketing campaigns, increasing brand sales by 10-20%.Currently perfecting our conversational AI, Simio can also be used to generate automatic sales in WhatsApp.We work with over 60 brands, including Balzac Paris, So Shape, Smallable, Audi France, Volkswagen...

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