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Why are they partners with Kiliba?

"By joining forces with Kiliba, Pimster aims to reinvent marketing: away from mass marketing and towards authenticity. Our collaboration ensures that every message, perfectly tailored to customers' needs and preferences, marks the step towards targeted, personalized marketing. Together, we transform every interaction into a unique opportunity, optimizing customer engagement and ROI."

Grégoire Galichon, COO of Pimster

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Our partner in a nutshell :

Pimster is a customer engagement platform revolutionizing the retail experience. It strengthens brand loyalty and revenues by connecting them to their customers. Offering pre-purchase reassurance and post-purchase personalization, Pimster aims to increase customer value and prolong the life of products.

Brands thus benefit from a privileged communication channel, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, and turning potential buyers into ambassadors through a 360° journey, from purchase to resale.

You are on the verge of making a killing

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