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Why are they partners with Kiliba? 

"Our commitment at MyShipWizard is to provide the best solutions to drive growth for our customers. Kiliba is our partner of choice for marketing automation, with the solution standing out for its efficiency and rapid deployment."

Guilhem GLEIZES, Founder and CEO @MyShipWizard

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Our partner's services :

MyShipWizard is an innovative solution for managing e-commerce order shipments. The tool centralizes orders from your various sales channels, automates the choice of carrier for each order thanks to an intelligent algorithm, edits shipping labels and offers automated shipment tracking. Compatible with all major carriers (DPD, Mondial Relay, Colissimo, etc.), CMS and over a hundred marketplaces, MyShipWizard considerably simplifies the management of your shipments. By reducing manual tasks, MyShipWizard optimizes shipping costs and improves the efficiency of your logistics process.

- Order centralization: all orders from your various sales channels, whether e-commerce or marketplaces, are brought together on a single dashboard. This allows you to view and manage all orders more efficiently.

- Automated carrier selection : Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, MyShipWizard automatically selects the most suitable carrier for each order according to the criteria you define (cost, speed, reliability, etc.). This automation ensures that every parcel is shipped optimally, balancing shipping costs and customer satisfaction.

- Automated shipping label generation: The tool automatically generates the shipping labels required for each order. This feature significantly reduces the time spent preparing shipments and minimizes human error, enabling fast, accurate order processing.

‍- Automated shipment tracking : MyShipWizard offers real-time tracking of all your shipments. Every step of the delivery process is traceable, allowing you to stay informed at all times and provide accurate, timely email updates to your customers.

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