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Kleep has set itself apart by tackling one of e-commerce's most pressing challenges head-on. Thanks to its unique technological approach, the team has the keys to solving a problem that is omnipresent in the sector, and providing solutions that transform the online shopping experience. - David Dayan, co-founder of Showroomprivé

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Kleep, the AI-enhanced size recommendation solution!

Kleep is a garment sizing recommendation solution that uses AI to create personalized recommendations based on morphology and item. It helps ready-to-wear brands reduce returns, thereby cutting costs and carbon footprint, while reassuring consumers.

The solution is turnkey, compatible with most e-commerce platforms, and features ultra-fast integration. Kleep has been adopted by brands of all sizes, including Place des Tendances, et-Paris, Redskins, Oraije... and creates thousands of personalized recommendations every month.

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