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Why are they partners with Kiliba? 

"At Kleep, our mission is to transform the online shopping experience through generative AI by offering, for example, personalized and accurate sizing recommendations. Our partnership with Kiliba is a natural collaboration, as we share a common vision: using AI to enrich the customer experience and increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Together, we are creating a synergy that helps brands maximize their ROI while delivering an exceptional user experience. It's a partnership where innovation and efficiency go hand in hand."

Paul Vidal, Head of Partnerships @Kleep

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Our partner in a nutshell :

Kleep is a garment sizing recommendation solution that uses AI to create personalized recommendations based on morphology and item. It helps ready-to-wear brands reduce returns, thereby cutting costs and carbon footprint, while reassuring consumers.

The solution is turnkey, compatible with most e-commerce platforms, and features ultra-fast integration. Kleep has been adopted by brands of all sizes, including Place des Tendances, et-Paris, Redskins, Oraije... and creates thousands of personalized recommendations every month.

You are on the verge of making a killing

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