Growth Room and Kiliba partners

Growth Room

Why are they partners with Kiliba? 

"Our partnership with Growth Room allows us to merge our automated marketing expertise with their advanced growth strategy. Together, we amplify marketing impact for our customers through precise personalization and predictive analytics. This partnership is a key step in delivering exceptional results and accelerating our customers' growth."

Bastien Daeninck, Head of Growth & Partner @Growth Room

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Our partner in a nutshell :

Growth Room is a Paris-based growth marketing agency specializing in accelerating the growth of ambitious e-businesses through targeted marketing strategies.

Their main services include :

  • Growth Ads: Growth Room manages media campaigns on various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads or LinkedIn Ads to increase their customers' sales thanks to comprehensive tracking of visitor behavior coupled with ultra-targeted campaigns.
  • Growth SEO: The agency also implements effective SEO strategies to ensure long-term organic growth by achieving high rankings on search engines like Google.
  • HubSpot CRM: as a platinum agency, Growth Room offers migration, deployment or optimization services for HubSpot CRM, improving customers' ability to effectively manage and convert visitors into customers.

Their team is made up of senior experts supported by a hand-picked collective, each member specializing in a specific area of growth marketing. The agency also stands out for its responsiveness and flexibility, adapting its strategies to the specific needs of each customer.

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