Partnership Foursseds and Kiliba


Why are they partners with Kiliba? 

"Kiliba's algorithms segment customers according to the recency, frequency and average basket of their purchases, and use Artificial Intelligence to send personalized e-mails, thus increasing your marketing efficiency.
Fourseeds unifies all the communication channels used by the customer, as well as observing their preferences and behavior, to obtain a global view.
You'll be able to create hyper-personalized e-mail marketing campaigns by targeting customers and offering them products tailored to their needs, thanks to Kiliba's segmentation.
Both platforms are connected by API so that the information you have about your customers flows more efficiently and you can reach them more effectively."

Olivier Guillouzouic, CEO of @Fourseeds

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Our partner in a nutshell :

Fourseeds is an AI-powered omnichannel loyalty engine that boosts customer engagement and conversions, as well as a CDP (Customer Data Platform) that tracks all interactions and transactions, regardless of the channel used, all in an RGPD environment.
Thanks to Fourseeds, you can activate your customer data, segment it, animate and retain or reactivate prospects and customers online or omnichannel, as well as monitor your ROI.

You are on the verge of making a killing

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