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Feel like your conversion rates are plateauing? Below, we'll give you 5 little-known tips to unlock your progress, and improve your email marketing results.

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The main objectives of email marketing

Compared to other communication channels on the web, emailing has specific advantages for all companies.

Email marketing to promote a product, a service, a brand

First of all, email marketing is useful to promote your products, your services, or your brand as a whole. To do this, you need to proceed to the create a newsletter. Thanks to the regular sending of information campaigns, you can show your subscribers that your company is active. And above all, you can use emailing to inform your subscribers and customers about the advantages of your offer.

Email marketing to build customer loyalty

The advantage of emailing is that you can call on your contacts every time they open their inbox, directly, for a minimal investment. In fact, unlike advertising, sending a new email does not involve any additional financial cost.

Once your email list is set up, you can exchange with it, at no extra cost. Emailing thus allows you to establish a privileged relationship with your contacts. Secondly, it must be admitted that, if it is well used, emailing is a powerful loyalty tool.

Email marketing to personalize your communications

Moreover, emailing can be part of a global marketing automation strategy. In particular, emailing software allows their users to automate the filling in of names and surnames of their recipients. 

So, at any level of your email, you can call a simple function to personally address each of your contacts. This trick adds a sense of familiarity that is interesting to create from a marketing point of view.

Email marketing to increase sales

Email marketing can also stimulate your conversion rate, even in the short term. Indeed, emailing software allows, for example, the automation of shopping cart reminders. Thus, with a well configured software, you can send an email every time a contact is about to forget his order.

According to a study conducted by SaleCycle, 12% of follow-up emails are clicked on, and 30% of clicks result in the completion of the sale (figures observed in the companies participating in the study).

Email marketing to generate traffic to your website

Finally, emails are useful to generate traffic on a website. Of course, we tend to think "sales" and "immediate conversions" when we talk about traffic. Nevertheless, even unconverted traffic can be useful for the development of a business. Indeed, if you follow an SEO strategy, directing your contacts to relevant content through emails will help you improve your natural referencing.

Solution #1 - Create a quality contact list

Building a qualified email list is the first prerequisite for a profitable emailing strategy. Indeed, it is not enough to fill your emailing software with new contacts to make sales.

On the other hand, the fact that your contacts are sensitive to your offer is essential. The best tool to acquire qualified contacts is the landing page. Indeed, landing pages allow you to convert anonymous traffic into contacts, directly from your website. And whether they arrive on your website through Google or through a paid ad, the traffic that registers on your landing page is at least curious to discover your offer. On the other hand, there is no way you can say that this is the case if you buy your email contacts from third party companies.

All recent emailing software (mailchimp, mailjet, sarbacane, sendinblue ...) allow the creation of landing page forms. Adapted to marketing automation, these forms are linked to your email list. In this way, the data entered by your contacts will directly enrich it.

Solution #2 - Personalize email content

A landing page registration is an opportunity for your company to get valuable information about your contact. Thus, you will have at least a name. But often, you can also get a first name, a city of residence ... and it is even possible to operate a first segmentation by asking your contact about the offer that attracts him.  

All this information should be used to personalize the content of your emails. For example, a study has shown that the simple fact of calling your recipient by his or her name in the subject line of the email increases the open rate by 29%.

Moreover, having obtained a new contact does not mean that the information gathering on him must stop. On the contrary, the more information you have about your customers, the more effective your email campaigns will be. In this respect, keep in mind that a new sale can be an opportunity to glean a phone number. This will allow you to mix SMS and email campaigns, knowing that many emailing software have both functionalities.  

Solution #3 - Automate processes with an email marketing solution

Every email marketing solution comes with automation features. To perform well in email marketing, it is important to master these features. Indeed, marketing automation can save you a lot of time, and allow you to increase your profitability and productivity.

In general, any software has at least an automated sequence management. With a dedicated editor, you can create autonomous sending models. For example, it is possible to program the emailing platform to send a series of emails to each new contact, after they have registered on a landing page. The use of this function is also necessary for sending welcome emails.

Solution N°4 - Analyze and optimize your emailing campaigns

Every email marketing solution, whether it's getresponse, mailerlite or mailchimp, also includes analytics tools. The data recovered from your campaigns complements the data already centralized by your CRM. 

In any case, your email marketing data must be carefully analyzed, in real time. It contains the necessary clues to optimize your campaigns.

Solution #5 - Segment your contacts with AI

Finally, the intelligent segmentation of your email list is the last key element to optimize the results of your campaigns. Not surprisingly, it is also the most complicated to implement. Indeed, you have to send many campaigns, and spend a lot of time analyzing the collected data to understand where your global audience can be differentiated.

It is to solve this problem, among others, that a software like Kiliba uses powerful machine learning algorithms. Indeed, AIs are much more powerful than humans to analyze masses of data quickly, draw relevant conclusions and act accordingly. 

Thus, thanks to Kiliba, it is possible to send ultra-personalized messages to each contact. Kiliba takes into account the optimal time to send, the offer to present to generate the most interest, or the way to formulate the subject to promote the opening rate. Moreover, management is simplified for users thanks to a simple and intuitive platform. If you want to direct your audience to an English-speaking site, Kiliba offers you to write your emails in English.

Want to try the features of Kiliba? Need more details on our prices? You can contact our sales team.

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