The guide to a successful newsletter campaign

How to run a successful newsletter campaign?
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Today, emailing is the most efficient communication channel to generate new leads and strengthen customer relationships. It is a great way to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. We define emailing as sending emails to a whole list of contacts.

In the last few years, the email campaign has evolved a lot thanks to new tools like marketing automation software. We are now able to target and personalize the sending of emails. We can refine the content of an email according to many parameters related to the contact such as his engagement, his purchases, his behavior on the site, etc.

Ready to launch your first newsletter campaign or improve your performance? Here are some tips on how to make the most of your email marketing and achieve your goals.

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Define the objectives of your newsletter campaign

Before designing your email campaign, take the time to define the objective you wish to achieve with it. This step will condition the content of your newsletter. It is crucial to define a single objective per campaign for it to be effective.

The most common types of objectives are

  • Inform and retain customers;
  • Generate traffic to your site;
  • Generate traffic to a specific landing page;
  • Generate sales;
  • Triggering information requests;
  • Measuring which product generates the most interest;
  • Etc.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of specific objectives to be implemented:  

  • Communicate on the launch of a new product;
  • Launch a satisfaction survey;
  • Offer to participate in an event;
  • Announce the start of private sales;
  • Talk about your brand values;
  • Highlighting your employees;
  • Etc.

An Internet user who has signed up for your newsletter already knows you. There are therefore two different types of contacts:

  • The subscriber who wants to know more about your products and your brand before buying;
  • The customer is the one who has already made purchases on your e-commerce site and is likely to do so again.  

In short: a newsletter is the means of convincing prospects and building customer loyalty.

Targeting contacts to generate engagement

Why does the success of your newsletter campaign depend on segmentation?

If you want to optimise your newsletter campaign, you should avoid sending it to your entire contact list. With such a practice, you risk getting poor conversion rates.

The more detailed the customer segmentation is, the more effective the personalisation of emails will be and the higher the conversion rate will be. A good segmentation is therefore the basis of a good targeting and an effective email campaign.

Segmentation criteria for a quality customer database

Having a clean database guarantees you a good deliverability of your email as well as a better open rate and a better click rate. Here are the main things to consider for a clean database:

  • Your contacts' demographics (age, gender, country or region, etc.)
  • The date of registration of your subscribers
  • The date of the last purchase
  • The type of product he is interested in
  • Good quality contacts: we prefer a nominative email address such as "romain.durand@" rather than a generic address such as "contact@".
  • 100% opt-in contacts: these data must be collected with the consent of the contact.

Good practices for successful emailing:

  • Clean the database of inactive or incorrect email addresses;
  • Discard contacts that no longer respond to your emails;
  • Set up a clear and simple unsubscribe system.

If you choose an email campaign automation platform like Kiliba, you don't have to do anything because the artificial intelligence automatically targets the most effective customer categories for each campaign.

Segmenting contacts with Lead Scoring

Your contacts can be segmented by their values. Thus, a score will be assigned to the contacts to sort them out by cross-referencing their profile information and their behaviour on the site.

It is an effective marketing technique to determine the maturity of a prospect.

Work on the content of the emailing

You now know the purpose of your newsletter and you have targeted your audience. How do you get it into your recipient's inbox? How to make them want to read your email?

Reassuring and personalised content

In order for your emails to reach the recipients, they must not be considered as spam and end up in the trash. The sender's name and the subject line are the first two pieces of information your subscribers see. Spam filters focus on these texts.

Choosing an emailing solution, such as Kiliba, instead of a traditional email service guarantees better deliverability of your emails. In addition, you should keep the same sender name for each mailing: this inspires confidence in the recipients and prevents them from placing your email in the spam folder.

Regarding the subject matter, avoid capital letters and words such as "urgent", "gambling", "gift", "lot" or banking terms such as "Mastercard", etc.

Furthermore, inbox saturation forces you to establish a more personal relationship with your contact by sending them a personalised email that meets their needs.

The subject line of the email marketing is crucial to trigger the opening of your newsletter. At this stage, you should choose to include the contact's first name in the subject line to address them individually and personally. The more powerful the subject line, the more likely the recipient will click on it.

Responsive content

It is essential that your email (text and photos) is displayed correctly on all types of media: smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. Mobile viewing is very important nowadays, it would be a shame if your recipients could not read your message correctly from their smartphone.

You're probably wondering what is the best format to get your message across? How to choose the most suitable design without spending too much time on creating your email? If you are not a graphic designer, Kiliba offers you turnkey email templates in the colours of your graphic charter. You only need a few minutes to finalise them.

Content that inspires action

If you want to attract your contact to your site, to a well-defined landing page or ask him to fill out a form, it is important to work on the call-to-action button.

It must be highly visible and must stand out to be attractive and attractive.  

Here are some tips for setting up the CTA on your newsletter:

  • Choose its location well, preferably above the waterline. If you are considering several call to actions, put the most important one there.
  • Use an action verb like "I choose" or "Discover our offers".
  • Choose a color that is brighter than the background color.

You can test different CTAs and see which one gets the most clicks.

Mandatory information

Since May 2018, the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, has come into force. It is therefore mandatory to place an unsubscribe link in the newsletter. It is positioned at the top or bottom of the page, so that it is visible, but discreet.

To understand the reasons for unsubscribing, we advise you to submit a form with a list of reasons (frequency of sending, content, lack of interest, etc.) to your contacts. Based on the information collected, you can improve your future newsletters.

Analyse the statistics of your email campaign

Evaluating the performance of your emailing according to the objectives is the last step of your newsletter campaign. This is the way to make a precise analysis of what works and what doesn't. Based on the results, you can adjust your next email marketing campaigns as you go along and make them more and more effective.

Here is a list of indicators to monitor in order to understand an email campaign:

  • The open rate: the number of opened emails
  • The click rate: the number of times your contacts clicked on a link in the newsletter
  • The reactivity rate: it gives you an idea of the quality of your emailing
  • Churn rate: the number of contacts who have unsubscribed
  • The conversion rate: the number of sales resulting from your newsletter

Adopting a good emailing strategy is necessary to develop your e-commerce. By analyzing your campaigns, you will optimize them in order to establish a relationship of trust with your contacts. To save time in setting up your newsletter campaigns and obtain record opening rates, you can rely on a marketing automation tool like Kiliba.

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