Optimizing the management of your e-commerce shipments: best practices

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Optimizing the management of your e-commerce shipments: best practices
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Shipping management is a lever that is as powerful as it is essential to improve the profitability of e-merchants. It is not limited to the delivery of products to customers, but encompasses a set of processes aimed at optimizing logistics performance and ensuring a satisfactory customer experience. Effective shipping management reduces costs, improves operational efficiency, and builds customer loyalty. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to adopt several essential good practices:

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Centralize orders from your various sales media

Centralizing all orders from your various sales media (marketplaces, e-commerce site, etc.) allows you to have a unified view of all operations. This centralization makes it easier to manage and process orders, and allows you to track inventory and shipments more efficiently.

Select the right carrier for each order

A key element for the profitability of your shipments is the selection of the most suitable carrier for each order. This selection should be made based on criteria such as cost, delivery times and reliability, taking into account your customers' preferences and the unique characteristics of each shipment. This approach optimizes shipping costs and ensures on-time deliveries.

Provide your customers with real-time tracking of their orders

Good communication reduces the uncertainties and worries associated with shipments. This way, make sure you offer detailed shipment tracking to your customers throughout the shipping process. Inform them in real time of the status of their orders and any delays. This transparency is an important element in fostering trust and customer satisfaction.

Optimize returns processing

A well-structured returns management process is essential to efficiently process order returns. Use tools to automate and track returns, ensuring that returned products are quickly returned to available inventory. This helps minimize the costs associated with returns and maintain customer satisfaction.

Why use a logistics solution for the management of your e-commerce shipments?

By streamlining your logistics processes with an integrated solution, you can significantly reduce shipping costs, increase sales, and build customer loyalty. An efficient logistics solution helps centralize and automate shipping-related tasks, optimize workflows, and improve coordination between different stakeholders. This results in smoother and more efficient order management, while providing a better customer experience. Here are the reasons why the use of a logistics solution is essential for the management of your e-commerce shipments:

Optimization of logistics processes

Shipping automation goes a long way in reducing human error, labor costs, and inefficiencies in order processing. 

By centralizing logistics operations and selecting the most cost-effective carriers, you can achieve significant cost savings and improve your return on investment. Automation also increases order fulfillment capacity. By streamlining processes and automating repetitive tasks, you can handle larger order volumes without having to increase costs or require additional staff.


Automation tools also allow for optimized inventory management through unified tracking of inventory levels. This simplifies demand forecasting and prevents overstocks and stock-outs, reducing warehousing costs and lost sales. In busy periods, such as sales or holidays, efficient order management ensures that orders are processed quickly and that delivery times are met. These last points help to maximize sales as well as maintain a good reputation even in times of high demand.

Improved customer satisfaction 

By automating shipping management, you can ensure shorter and more accurate delivery times, which significantly helps improve the customer experience and encourage customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to reorder and recommend your store.

Automated systems also allow for real-time notifications and order updates. Proper order tracking reduces the number of inquiries and complaints, making it easier to manage customer relationships. 

In addition, accurate shipping management reduces ordering and shipping errors, reducing the number of returns and associated costs. Fewer mistakes result in better customer satisfaction and a strengthened reputation of your online store, encouraging not only the retention of existing customers but also the attraction of new customers.

Support for the development of your business

Automated systems are often modular and can easily scale as your business grows. They make it possible to integrate new sales channels, add additional carriers and manage increased volumes of orders. This adaptability and scalability are essential to support the development of your business. In addition, automation tools collect and analyze valuable data on shipments, carrier performance, and customer preferences. This information can be used to make strategic decisions, improve processes, and personalize the offering, allowing customers to better meet customer expectations and adapt quickly to market changes.

MyShipWizard, a complete solution for managing your e-commerce shipments

The MyShipWizard shipping management solution has been specifically designed to support e-commerce businesses in their shipping logistics. Its extensive features significantly optimize and simplify the processing of e-commerce orders.

With the integration of more than a hundred marketplaces and their international versions, as well as market-leading CMSs such as PrestaShop and Shopify, the logistics solution facilitates the processing and management of shipments from a multitude of sales platforms.

MyShipWizard is also compatible with major carriers including DPD, GLS, and Mondial Relay. These compatibilities make it possible to meet the specific needs of companies by offering them the choice of a variety of services.

The main features offered by the solution are the following:

Centralization of orders

MyShipWizard centralizes orders from multiple sales channels. This centralization allows e-merchants to benefit from a unified view of all their shipments from a single intuitive interface, facilitating their management.

By managing an unlimited volume of orders, MyShipWizard adapts to the growth of your business. This flexibility allows e-tailers to focus on their development, while being sure that their logistics processes remain smooth and efficient.

Automating carrier choice

One of MyShipWizard's strengths is the intelligent algorithm built into the solution that automatically selects the most suitable carrier for each order. The algorithm takes into account various criteria such as costs, delivery times, and merchant-predefined rules to assign each order to the optimal carrier, balancing costs and speed of delivery.

Automated shipping label editing

The solution automatically generates shipping labels for each order, retrieving all shipping information from your sales materials. This automation significantly reduces manual tasks, minimizing the chance of errors and speeding up the order picking process, resulting in faster and more reliable shipments.

Shipment tracking

MyShipWizard offers detailed shipment tracking, allowing you to trace each package at every stage of the delivery process. By enabling accurate email updates to customers regarding the status of their orders, this feature increases transparency and encourages a satisfying delivery experience. With this feature, e-tailers can proactively manage unforeseen events and shipping delays and inform their customers.

Connection to the merchant's WMS

By connecting the merchant's WMS to its sales channels, MyShipWizard allows real-time synchronization of stocks and shipments, as well as inventory updates. This precise visibility of stock levels makes it possible to anticipate restocking needs and thus avoid sales losses due to stock shortages.

With all of these built-in features, MyShipWizard provides e-commerce businesses with increased efficiency in managing their shipments. By automating key processes and enabling unified shipment management, the solution optimizes the entire logistics process. This optimization translates into cost savings and better allocation of resources, contributing to improved profitability for e-tailers.

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