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Wondering how to make sure your e-mails really reach their intended recipients and don't end up in the spam bin? Good news: you've come to the right place! 

Email deliverability can be a tricky business, but with a few tips and a little help from your favorite Owl, your email campaigns will not only be effective, but also welcomed with open arms by your customers' inboxes!

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Key factors for optimized deliverability

Deliverability: The deliverability of an email message or campaign refers to its ability to reach its recipients in the inbox without being deleted, filtered or placed in a spam folder (Marketing Definitions, 2024). 

1. Sender reputation management

Imagine that your reputation as an e-mail sender is like your CV to e-mail providers. They then play the role of employers, scrutinizing this CV to decide whether your emails deserve to reach your recipients' inboxes. 

In this metaphor, Kiliba (very) strongly advises you to maintain a top reputation: this guarantees you direct access to the inbox, without being blocked by spam filters.

Spam filters act like ruthless guardians, fiercely protecting your contacts' inboxes from unwanted and potentially dangerous e-mails. 

By maintaining a positive reputation, you gain the trust of these gatekeepers, convincing them that your e-mails are safe and legitimate! To do this, you need to AB-SO-LU-MENTLY avoid mass, impulsive mailings, which are considered undesirable by online messaging tools. 

Moreover, dealing promptly with user feedback or complaints is a proactive way of showing that you are attentive to your recipients' concerns. Spam filters keep a close eye on how senders react to negative feedback. By taking prompt and appropriate action, you demonstrate that you're a reliable sender who cares about your subscribers' satisfaction (and we like that!). 

By doing so, your e-mails will find it much easier to break through the defenses of spam filters and go straight to your recipients' inboxes.

2. Message customization

Let's imagine that your e-mails are letters sent by close friends: you want them to reflect your tastes and preferences, thanks to a well-developed knowledge of them. It's exactly the same for your customers! You need to create a similar experience with your e-mails, by PER-SON-NA-LISANT. This gives the feeling that you're taking the time to get to know each recipient individually, to ensure that your message is as authentic as possible.

Personalization goes beyond the simple "First name" field. Le Hibou strongly encourages you to integrate content adapted to the specific preferences of your recipients. 

This can include product recommendations based on their previous purchases, exclusive content based on their interests, or even personalized special offers. By aligning your email content with individual needs and expectations, you create a tailored experience that captures attention and generates real interest.

Personalized e-mails become loyal allies in your recipients' inboxes, because they are not perceived as generic messages. On the contrary, they are appreciated as genuine, thoughtful communications. This approach greatly increases the chances that your e-mails will be opened, read and even shared, strengthening the relationship between you and your recipients. In short, personalization creates a positive experience that goes beyond simple communication to genuine personal interaction.

3. Good safety practice and compliance

We feel it's imperative to stress just how crucial a role security plays in the message deliverability process.

It's vital to ensure that your e-mails comply with strict security and compliance standards. This means integrating clear unsubscribe mechanisms, checking the validity of addresses, and ensuring that links are verified. Above all, the use of SSL certificates is an essential measure to reinforce the security of your e-mails.

These certificates ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of exchanged data by encrypting your data and guaranteeing the authenticity of mail servers, thus contributing to a more secure email experience.

Clear unsubscribe mechanisms not only demonstrate your commitment to respecting the privacy of your recipients, they also help build lasting trust.

Valid addresses and verified links ensure that your e-mails are not perceived as potential threats, enhancing your reputation as a sender. However, the addition of SSL certificates represents a decisive step in securing communication. These certificates reinforce the confidentiality of exchanges, protecting not only your messages but also the trust that e-mail providers place in your sender. Last but not least, security is the fundamental pillar of your e-mails' deliverability. They pass spam filters with flying colors, establishing absolute trust throughout the process.

Discover Kiliba: your marketing automation solution for foolproof deliverability!

Now that you've mastered the concept of deliverability with our tips, let us introduce you to Owl.

Our solution is designed to make the email campaign management process simple, efficient and optimized for maximum deliverability!

With us, you benefit from a clear and simple platform that takes care of managing your sender reputation, making it super-easy to personalize your messages and guaranteeing total compliance with security standards.

And a little birdie tells us we've got a brand-new innovation: page integrations with your other email tools! Take complete control of the quality of your campaigns. 

This feature gives you a unique opportunity to synchronize your blacklisted contacts in tools such as Brevo or Mailchimp with your existing list of contacts in Kiliba.

How can you take full advantage of Integrations pages to optimize your deliverability?

It's so simple, you'll see! There are 3 essential steps: 

a. Blacklist synchronization 

Thanks to our Integrations pages, you can automate the synchronization of your exclusion lists between your various newsletter tools and the beloved Owl (AKA Kiliba). This ensures that contacts blacklisted in one platform will not receive emails from Kiliba. As you'd expect, this greatly improves the quality of your lists. 

There are two types of synchronization:

  1. Automatic: every evening, at the same time as the synchronization of your products.
  2. Manual synchronization: using a button, once you've connected your tools and/or updated your blacklisted lists.

b. Unified contact management

Simplify the management of your contacts by centralizing the different information at your disposal. This feature promotes unified management of your contacts, avoiding errors linked to obsolete or incorrect information, and maximizing your security.

c. Analysis and continuous improvement 

Track the performance of your emails with our analysis tools. You can identify trends and adjust your strategy. This way, you'll ensure optimum deliverability!

With Kiliba, maximize the power of your marketing automation to make every email count. Discover a new era of email marketing where deliverability is king and your campaigns succeed every time! Join us now and make every e-mail a success.


Maximizing e-mail deliverability is an essential step for e-tailers seeking to optimize the effectiveness of their e-mail marketing campaigns. 

By understanding and implementing best practices related to sender reputation, message personalization and compliance, you can be sure that your messages effectively reach your target audience. 

Continuous attention to these aspects not only contributes to high deliverability rates, but also reinforces the credibility and loyalty of subscribers, creating a solid foundation for highly profitable email marketing campaigns!

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Stack the odds in your favour

We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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