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Email marketing is a very popular communication channel for all companies. And for good reason, email is a great way to establish direct contact with customers, exchange content and develop your communication, offer commercial deals. Email campaigns should help you convert new prospects and build customer loyalty.

Email marketing is simply the best way to get a return on investment. A study by the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) shows that email marketing has a 28.5% return on investment - which is incredibly high! This is because email marketing is so easy to do and people are more likely to actually read the emails than any other type of marketing material.

However, it's important to keep a few things in mind when designing your email campaigns. First, be clear about what you're trying to achieve. Whether you're looking to increase sales, build customer loyalty or simply draw attention to new products or offers, make sure your emails have a clear purpose in mind. So that you can ensure that your email campaigns are both effective and visually appealing, here are some tips and examples:

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1. Attract attention with an eye-catching object

You know what they say: the subject line is the most important thing. Okay, maybe not the most important element, but if you want your audience to actually open your emails and your open rate to be good, you have to personalize it and go all out. After all, your customer isn't going to open an email with a subject line that says "boring update" or "nothing important." But what makes a subject line catchy? Well, that depends on your contacts and database. If you're writing to close recipients, you can probably get away with something silly or an inside joke. But if you're writing to potential clients or business contacts, you need to make sure your subject line is both relevant and interesting. So how do you do that? Here are some tips to increase your open rate:

  • Keep it short: your prospect or customer doesn't want to read a novel when they scroll through their inbox.
  • Be specific: generic objects are generally less effective than those that are specific to the content of the email.
  • Be creative: try to find something out of the box. It can be tricky, but it's often worth it.

Now you can conquer those inboxes!

2. Prioritize your content

The content of your email is essential, and each element should be arranged in a hierarchy to make it more readable. The most important information should be at the top, followed by the less important elements. This way, your email will be easier to read and understand, and your subscribers won't have to scroll endlessly to find the right information. It will save your recipient a lot of time and frustration and you will keep a good relationship. 

Example: if you want your customer to show an interest in your products during your promotional campaigns and provoke a purchase, do not put the CTA (call to action) "I buy" or "I discover" at the end of your email. It must be put under the product. 

Avoid lists and titles

Lists are often annoying, but they can also make your email less readable. This is because when you write a list, you need to choose a specific order so that the recipient knows exactly what you have in mind. If you use a list of tasks or ideas, you should list the title of each task, not the tasks themselves.

If you use a list to describe your products, for example, you should use the product name or header to indicate the description.

Avoid long titles that contain too much information

If you have a very long title, you risk losing subscribers and being seen as a spammer who sends too long emails. Indeed, the length of an email is generally proportional to its interest for the readers, and not to the interest you have for the recipients.

3. Use the right colors and font

What's the most amazing thing you can find in an inbox? Bright colors and good design! With just two colors, you can create visual contrast in your email marketing. And since colors generate emotions, they are never neutral.

However, it is important to remember that your emails should be treated like any other communication element. This means respecting your company's graphic charter. By maintaining a consistent brand image, you will give the impression of being professional and reliable to your readers. This is an essential part of your marketing strategy and will help you stand out from the competition.

Another key importance in designing your email template and content is typography. Many digital marketers don't realize that the typography you use in your email can have a big impact on how your message is received. As with any other piece of communication, the right typography can make all the difference in whether or not your email is successful. A bad email font can make your email unreadable, while a good email font can make it easy for your contacts to read and engage with your message. However, with so many font options available, how can you be sure that your email will display properly? The answer is simple: web-safe fonts. Web-safe fonts are fonts designed to work on all email clients and devices. This means you can be sure your email campaign will be readable no matter where it is viewed. The most popular fonts on the web are sans serif fonts, which are smaller and easier to read. Sans serif fonts are often used in emails because they are easier for the audience to understand, and are also easier to type.

4. Insert attractive images

After you've come up with a compelling subject line to get your subscriber to open your email, you need to do everything you can to grab their attention, and keep it long enough for them to actually read what you have to say. A good image can make a difference. But don't just add any image - make sure it's relevant to the content of your email! You should also add an Alt attribute so that people can understand your email even if the image doesn't load. This will make it easier for the user to navigate through the email and search results.

And if you really want to outdo yourself, you can always use an animated GIF in your email. 

5. Provide a clear message

Email marketing is not a website. With the abundance of emails people receive on a daily basis, it's essential to make sure your message stands out from the rest. One way to do this is to keep your email clear and concise. Don't overload it with information, colors and visuals. Your recipient won't spend more than 1 or 2 minutes in front of their screen. Instead, focus on getting to the point and opt for a clean, uncluttered style. This will make your email more pleasant to read and easier to understand.

Also, don't forget that many users access their messages on their smartphones. Your subscribers will therefore fly over your content. When you create your email, make sure you choose the most appropriate template. If you want people to buy your products, for example, make it easy for them by sending them a link to your website! By following these tips, you can make sure your email stands out from the rest and gets noticed by the recipient.

6. Personalize your emails

Do you have a CRM? Don't hesitate to use it, it can be a real gold mine to get all kinds of information. Thanks to socio-demographic and behavioral data, you will be able to create more targeted and effective emailing campaigns. 

You can't send an identical email to your entire contact base. It is much more interesting to prepare contact segments or personas in advance according to your objectives. 

Thanks to your CRM, you have all the information you need to create targeted email campaigns that will help you reach your goals:

  • If your goal is to generate leads, you can for example create an audience segment based on the following criteria: industry, age, company size, education level...
  • If your goal is to upsell, you can create segments based on the offer, the price, the benefits or the number of trial days.
  • If your goal is to sell your products online and your target is your customers, you can segment your contacts according to the products or services your audience consumes.

Example: If you launch a new product, you can create several segments with different objects and texts. This way you can tailor your message to each target and increase your chances of making a sale. So if you are looking for an easy way to reach potential buyers, personalizing your email marketing is the ideal solution.

Think about marketing automation

Marketing automation is the process of automating the actions that you have programmed and that are related to marketing. It can be the automatic sending of an email, the reception of notifications on your mobile device by sms, the downloading of a resource via a blog or even the actions you can perform as part of your loyalty program.

Indeed, marketing automation can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Marketing automation can help you reduce the time you spend on marketing tasks while increasing your results.

They are generally very easy to use, as they do not require any technical knowledge but can be time consuming to set up.

Marketing automation is also effective when you set up triggers that you define for it according to the events you organize: welcome, abandoned carts, cross-selling, winter sales, mother's day, etc.


So, what can you do to ensure that your email campaigns are the best they can be? Here are some tips: always ask yourself what you have to say; make sure your content is interesting and original to your contacts; and finally, use a marketing automation tool like Kiliba. Request a demo today to see how our platform can help you create scenarios automatically in minutes that get real results.

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