Marketing automation, a growth lever for your Adobe Commerce site

The benefits of marketing automation on Adobe Commerce
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Like any e-merchant, you want to get more traffic on your Adobe Commerce store, a complete Adobe commerce solution.

Implementing a good digital marketing strategy is not easy, but it is a major issue in the development of your website as well as standing out from the competition. It takes time and the right tools.

Acquiring new customers and keeping them loyal is what will make the difference with your competitors. Marketing automation, or intelligent marketing, is a set of techniques and tools that will allow you to send personalized and targeted communications to your visitors.

On the one hand, an Adobe Commerce marketing automation extension allows you to turn a visitor into a lead, convert a prospect into a customer, and retain your customers. On the other hand, automation makes you more efficient to achieve your growth objectives.

Today, to start with marketing automation, you need 3 elements: a website on Adobe Commerce, traffic on it and Kiliba, the best marketing automation tool!

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Marketing automation in a few words

In B2B marketing, it is the process that allows you to automate repetitive marketing tasks and more precisely the automation of marketing campaigns. Indeed, sending emails to each of your customers is a necessity to inform them of your new products, the next promotion period, etc.

On the one hand, emailing is a heavy task. Between segmentation, content writing, email design, choice of products to put forward, it can take you hours every week... On the other hand, getting a satisfactory opening rate is complex. Marketing automation answers these 2 problems.

Directly linked to your CMS, a software like Kiliba will analyse the behaviour of your customers thanks to powerful algorithms and trigger the sending of relevant and personalised emails.

Why marketing automation for your Adobe Commerce store?

5 good reasons to use automated email on Adobe Commerce

1. Strengthen the relationship with your prospects

Marketing automation will allow you to know your prospects better. Leads are very important because they represent your market share. A lead is a potential customer who already has an affinity with your brand and your products.

The key to inbound marketing is to offer relevant content to your target audience in order to turn these prospects into leads. With an effective content strategy, you do lead nurturing, which means that you feed your prospects' interest in your e-commerce.

A tool like Kiliba will automatically analyze the behaviors of your customers when they visit your Adobe Commerce site to send the most appropriate content.

2. Build loyalty with the personalization of your marketing emails

One of the most important steps in the conversion tunnel is customer retention. When your prospect makes a purchase on your Adobe Commerce site, he has become a customer. It is then necessary to set up a durable relationship with him so that he continues to buy, but also so that he becomes a prescriber and ambassador of your brand.

You will take into account specific actions of your customers when sending your emails. In addition, you will address them in a personal and individual way. It is essential that your customer feels unique and that you anticipate their needs. The more relevant the content you receive, the more it will engage your customer.

3. A serious time saver

A marketing automation tool has a far more powerful analytical capability than any human being. Marketing teams are relieved of a heavy workload. In addition, a marketing automation tool like Kiliba requires no training.

4. Simplify the work of the sales team

It's not easy to know where a prospect is in his level of maturation. The data obtained through the marketing automation tool is therefore very useful for the sales teams.

Lead scoring, or the attribution of a score to your contacts, allows you to measure the interest they have for your brand. The higher the score, the hotter the lead, i.e. the more likely they are to make a purchase. Their need is clearly identified. It's time to pass it on to the sales team so that they can take action.

A real synergy between the marketing and sales departments is quickly established.

5. Quickly visible results

With Kiliba, you can analyze in real time the sales made by email and compare the performance of each scenario.

From a clear dashboard, you can see which products generate the most sales for each email sent. All the data obtained improves the CRM to predict more accurately the future intentions of your customers.

How to set up a marketing automation strategy with Adobe Commerce?

We know that most marketers are busy. So they go through a system of newsletters and classic email campaigns. This involves sending out a single piece of content to all customers. Unfortunately, this does not allow them to do any acquisition or retention. The opening rate of the emails is quite low, so the probability of converting is very low.

Choosing an automation module compatible with Adobe Commerce

With the advent of marketing automation, many automated email modules have appeared on the market. However, not all solutions are equal. Indeed, in order for a prospect to buy from your site, automation must be done intelligently.

That's why we have developed Kiliba, a module linked to your CMS that will send emails to promote your showcase. Thanks to powerful algorithms, Kiliba does more than sending a simple newsletter. To improve the emails, Kiliba analyzes the different behaviors of your visitors, sends them the right message and can predict their future purchase intentions.

Set up email automation workflows

The scenario is an automation process, also called workflow. A scenario consists of 4 elements:

  • A trigger, which indicates the ideal moment to send the message.
  • Actions to be taken according to the customer's behavior.
  • The target, to whom to send this message?
  • Personalized content with the right product.

With Kiliba, this step is very simple. We offer you 22 predefined scenarios and email templates in the colors of your logo.

Analyse email performance

Once the workflows have been set up, you will need to monitor the performance of your emails (number of emails sent, open rate, click rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate, etc.) to optimise future campaigns.

Google Analytics, being the reference tool to follow the performance of an e-commerce site, you can configure your emails with the name of your campaign and the name of your supplier (Kiliba).

You find the source of acquisition in :

Report - Acquisition - All traffic - Source/Support.

Conclusion: Using the power of marketing automation on Adobe Commerce will bring you much more traffic without requiring special skills within your company (design, coding ...).

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We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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