AI and automated email: how is artificial intelligence transforming email communication?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI ) is a technology that is revolutionizing many fields, including email communication. In this article, Kiliba explains how AI and automatic mails are being used to improve the efficiency of emailing communication and make life easier for users. Below, we'll also discuss the advantages and limitations of this technology.

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What is email marketing automation?

Before we discuss the specific benefits of usingAI for email marketing automation, let's remind you whatemail marketing automation is.

Simply put, email marketing automation is the process of creating and sending personalized emails to specific mailing lists using software, such as that from Kiliba.

Why is AI used for email?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that enables machines to learn from data and perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. 

AI is being used to automate many processes, including email communication. Email is an important means of communication for businesses and individuals, and AI can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this communication.

For marketing emails, AI is used to : 

  • Automate communication processes ; 
  • Improve the effectiveness of email campaigns;
  • Tailor messages to the target audience.

It can also be used to analyze emails to identify communication problems and provide solutions.

If you've already set up an email marketing strategy, you should really look into integrating AI into your process. We'll explain why below. 

3 benefits of AI for email marketing automation

The benefits of email marketing automation include:

  • Reduce the time and effort needed to send emails;
  • Better personalization for recipients;
  • Increased conversion rates.

We list the 3 major advantages ofintegrating AI into your email campaign.

1. Improving relevance

One of the key benefits of usingAI for automated emails is improved email relevance.

AI is used to analyze customer data, such as purchasing habits and preferences, to create personalized, targeted messages.

This practice makes messages more relevant to recipients, increasing the chances that they will open the email and click on the calls to action.

2. Advanced customization

In a communications strategy, artificial intelligence offers advanced personalization of marketing emails.

This includes further personalization of messages according to your target's profile. In short, AI is able to send different messages according to your target's profile.

Using AI to personalize emails improves the customer experience and strengthens the relationship between company and customer.

3. Intelligent automation

Finally, the use ofAI for email marketing automation enables intelligent message automation.

Indeed,artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to send emails based on customers' interactions with the company.

AI can also send follow-up messages based on customer actions, such as adding an item to the shopping cart or requesting further information.

Now that you better understand the importance ofintegrating AI into your e-mail marketing process, let's take a closer look at how AI enables e-mail personalization.

How does artificial intelligence enable e-mail personalization?

AI allows you to further personalize your emails, which can increase your engagement rate and the effectiveness of your email communication.

AI boosts your emailing results

Indeed, AI is able toanalyze user data to create more personalized emails, using information such as:

  • User preferences ;
  • Past behavior ;
  • Previous email interactions.

This can help you create emails that are more relevant to users, and thus improve open and click rates.

For example, using natural language processing algorithms, AI analyzes the content of previous emails between sender and recipient to understand their relationship and personalize messages accordingly.

More efficient data collection

What's more, some AIs like the one used by Kiliba collect data on the recipient's online behavior, such as pages visited on a website or products purchased, to create targeted, personalized messages.

With this method, you increase your recipient's engagement and interaction with the message, which generally translates into a better conversion rate.

Extreme customization and privacy

Even if email personalization seems to be effective, it's important to remain vigilant, as it can sometimes be invasive and annoying for users.

Companies using AI to improve communication and efficiency need to be aware of user data privacy concerns.

Indeed, the latter benefit from the increased personalization and efficiency of email communication thanks to the use of AI. However, they also need to be aware of how their data is being used.

So you need to strike a balance between personalization and respect for your users' privacy in your email campaign.

To do this, you need to be transparent about how you use your recipients' data. Also remember to offer unsubscribe options for those who no longer wish to receive personalized messages.

5 steps to setting up automatic e-mails with AI

How do I set up an AI myself? Here's how to set up automatic e-mails with AI:

Step 1: Data collection

To train your AI to generate e-mails, you need to retrieve data on previously sent e-mails. You can also use pre-existing templates to make this step easier.

Step 2: AI training

After data collection, train your AI to generate e-mails with machine learning algorithms. Use Machine Learning libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras or PyTorch.

Step 3: Configure trigger rules

You need to configure the rules that trigger theautomatic sending of e-mails. You can set them up with your website or an application, or even at a specific time of day.

Step 4: Customize content

You can personalize AI-generated e-mails to suit each user's preferences and purchase history.

Step 5: Testing and optimization

Last but not least: you must always test and optimize your system to improve its precision and efficiency!

By following these 5 steps, you'll be able to set up automatic e-mails with AI.

Entrust your email marketing strategy to Kiliba

AI is a promising technology for email communication. It makes it possible to personalize, manage, analyze and secure emails more effectively. 

In fact, using AI for automatic e-mails greatly improves the effectiveness of your e-mail communications. By setting up automatic e-mails with AI, you can personalize your content to each user, increasing engagement and conversions.

However,artificial intelligence also presents certain limitations, particularly in terms of excessive personalization and confidentiality. Companies and users need to weigh up the benefits and limitations ofusing AI in email, and decide whether they wish to adopt this technology.

If you're looking to set up automatic e-mails with AI, don't waste your time doing it yourself. Increased personalization, optimized open rates and conversionrates... take advantage of our highly-trained artificial intelligence!

We'll help you boost the performance of your email campaigns for better results. Contact us now to find out more about our services.

Click here to find out how we can help you improve your e-mail communication with AI.

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