Why can downloading email software improve your customer acquisition ?

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On the French digital marketing market, as well as on the English market, there are many offers of email software to download. Is the email software really useful to develop the sales of a company, or is it on the contrary a gadget you can do without? Here are some answers.

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What is email marketing?

Let's start by reviewing the definition of email marketing, before recalling the main benefits for the growth of a company.

Email marketing: definition

Email marketing consists of sending e-mails to a list of contacts, with the aim of increasing a company's sales. Several types of message are included in the definition of email marketing. These include newsletters, promotional emails, retargeting emails and transactional emails...

Email marketing: the benefits

Email marketing is a customer acquisition channel that can't be ignored as part of a web development strategy. Indeed, email marketing has a high ROI for most of the companies that use it. 73% of marketing managers even consider email marketing to be one of their main sources of revenue.

Indeed, compared to an advertising campaign on social networks, email marketing does not incur any marginal cost with each new message sent. This allows you to build a long-term relationship with your prospects, for a minimal initial investment.

For professional management of your email marketing, however, it's essential to download suitable email software.

Which emailing software is best suited to your needs?

When it comes to downloading email software for marketing management, there are 4 types of solutions:

Messaging for individuals

By mail for individuals we mean software such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Windows live mail...

These softwares are most often available for download on multiple media, and under free license. In other words, such a messaging application is often available for free download, and can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, or even Android. This type of application is also the most known by the users, for its simplicity.

An essential point distinguishes these messengers from the classic inbox (such as Google for gmail addresses). This point is that the emails and attached files received are automatically downloaded on the hard disk of their users. But in any case, the messaging for individuals lacks the necessary features to develop a real marketing strategy.


  • Application most often available in free license
  • Automated downloads of your emails and attachments to your hard drive
  • Easy to use interface for novices


  • Lack of functionality for professional use

Messaging included in the CRM software

We are talking about a messaging system included in a software such asHubSpot. HubSpot is a CRM software editor, i.e. dedicated to customer relationship management. If you are already using a CRM software, having a messaging included allows you to centralize the features on the same application. Your CRM software allows you to take notes on each of your customers, to link their contact information to their social networks, or to manage your phone calls, all in parallel with your email marketing strategy.

In addition, the messaging of a CRM software includes essential features for the development of a real marketing strategy. On the one hand, the deliverability of messages is optimized. On the other hand, tracking codes allow to see who opens which message, who clicks on which link, and at what time. This makes it possible to distinguish the hottest prospects from the others.

The messaging included in the CRM software has the advantage of being free. In fact, CRM software often has a shareware version that includes email. Nevertheless, the number of emails you can send is usually limited. Moreover, the price of a CRM in paid version is very high, which does not make it a solution adapted to mass mailing.


  • Management of the entire customer relationship from the same software
  • Facilitates manual personalization of messages
  • Allows you to easily mix messages with phone calls, within the same sales strategy
  • Shareware version unlimited in time


  • Unsuitable application for sending an email campaign

Mass emailing software

Software such as SendinBlue, ActiveCampaign or MailChimp fall into this category. These programs are designed to send massive email campaigns. If you have a large list of contacts to process, and thousands of messages to send, you can use this type of software. They are more cost effective than a CRM/messaging package in this situation.

In addition, they allow you to create a segmentation strategy based on the data collected. On the other hand, such an application requires a lot of human labor to operate, and is not capable of sending highly personalized messages.


  • Economic software in paid version
  • They allow:
  • target large lists of contacts
  • to have a segmentation strategy
  • create forms to be distributed on the Internet to capture new leads


  • Limited customization features
  • No integrated inbox

The email mass mailing software with AI

Finally, the last solution is the mass mailing software with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Kiliba is part of this type of email software to download. Like the rest of the mass mailing software, it can handle large lists of contacts. Nevertheless, a major specificity distinguishes it from other email software: its assistance by AI.

Indeed, Kiliba is equipped with powerful machine learning algorithms, which learn from the behavior of your contacts with each message sent. Kiliba thus adapts itself over time, to send, as it learns, ever more personalized messages. No need to worry about segmentation, or even writing messages: Kiliba automates 90% of the work.

According to its users, downloading this email software is the best option for the entrepreneur who is not specialized in email marketing. This is even more true if he does not intend to delegate this work to a professional. Thanks to the advanced features of AI, Kiliba can achieve a customer acquisition rate far superior to that generated by the work of a human.


  • No special skills required
  • It allows you to target large lists of contacts
  • Advanced message personalization
  • Almost complete marketing automation


  • Requires a financial investment, unlike a traditional messaging system


Email software has features that a simple web inbox lacks. These features allow their users to develop a more effective email marketing strategy . However, there are at least four different types of email software, each catering to a specific set of needs. Before downloading an email software, make sure it is the most suitable one for your business.

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We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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