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The Syndicat national de la communication directe (SNCD) is an organization founded in France in 1933. Since then, it regularly publishes studies on consumer behavior towards marketing by mail. Of course, with the arrival of digital tools, emails have replaced the paper envelope and the Internet the letter carrier. 

However, a 2017 SNCD study teaches us that, by the way, consumers of all ages, and both sexes, remain responsive to direct marketing.

This study further demonstrated that:

  • 94% of Internet users check their email at least once a day.
  • 81% of Internet users subscribe to at least one newsletter.
  • 76% of these same Internet users have already made an online purchase after clicking on a call to action in a newsletter.
  • 75% went to the store and bought a product promoted in a newsletter.

As part of a web marketing strategy, emailing should never be forgotten. However, to make your email marketing effective, it is imperative to be equipped with a professional emailing solution. Indeed, a professional email marketing solution facilitates the acquisition of new customers, and their loyalty.

Direct access

An emailing solution for new customer acquisition campaigns

In this situation, it is assumed that you already have an email contact list. These contacts could have been gleaned from landing pages, from traffic conversion obtained through SEO or through the purchase of advertising space on social networks. These contacts could also have been purchased from a specialized agency.

Why carry out email acquisition campaigns?

The purpose of sending an acquisition campaign is to transform simple contacts into customers, i.e. people interested in your product into your customer base.

The success of an acquisition campaign is played on the long term. Indeed, emails can be sent for free or almost free. This implies that the creation of a new email almost always has a positive gain/investment ratio.

Best practices for a successful email acquisition strategy

To succeed in an acquisition campaign, there are 3 essential practices to put in place:

Introduce a unique call to action in each email

Any newsletter editor allows you to insert a call to action at the end of your emails, in the form of a text link or button. According to direct marketers, every email should end with a single call to action.

Not to put it on is to run the risk that a contact will suddenly have the urge to buy your products, but will be discouraged by the lack of an easy solution, then move on.

On the contrary, putting several calls to action means running the risk of creating confusion, while emails are often read on a smartphone, in contexts that do not lend themselves to concentration.

Promote an offer with an attractive introductory price

With an acquisition campaign, you can start to get a return on the money invested in your contact list.

But most importantly, with an acquisition campaign, you can get your contacts to make an initial commitment. This first engagement favors your chances of selling high-end products later on. This is the hidden strength of the acquisition campaign, and that's why it should reach the widest possible spectrum of customers.

To do this, direct marketers often recommend the use of a very attractive introductory price on one or more products on your site. The offer is set at a low price, even very low. This will encourage as many people as possible to enter their credit card on your website for the first time.

In addition, it allows everyone to have an overview of the quality of your products or services, before investing in a more expensive offer.

Create educational content

What we frequently observe when observing different newsletters is that companies, on average, do not focus enough on educational content.

However, in the context of an acquisition campaign, your contacts are not yet familiar with the company. It is therefore crucial to educate them on the company's raison d'être, on its different offers and on what makes it unique from the competition.

Each campaign can, for example, be aimed at :

  • Inform about the release of a new offer,
  • Raise an objection,
  • Explain the purchasing process or the use of post-purchase services,
  • Explain how an offer solves a problem or fulfills a desire.

Of course, writing and sending these emails can be time consuming, especially if you take care to treat your recipients individually. With its automated sending management, the Kiliba software can help you save time.

An emailing solution for loyalty campaigns for already converted customers

As soon as you start making sales, it is important to segment your email list. Segmenting your email list makes it easier to target contacts who are already customers of your company. This allows you to better retain them. To segment your email list, nothing could be easier. You just have to use the features of the many emailing software available on the market, such as Sarbacane, SendinBlue, MailJet, MailChimp ... or of course Kiliba !

Easy to use marketing automation software, Kiliba can operate independently by processing data from a CRM such as HubSpot or other.

Why carry out a loyalty campaign by emailing?

The contact who has already trusted your company once is reassured on a number of elements. He knows, for example, that your website is secure and that your products or services are delivered on time. Indeed, it will be easier to sell him twice than to sell two different customers.  

However, to maximize the chances of additional sales, it is relevant to create a specific loyalty campaign.

Best practices for a successful email marketing strategy

To succeed in a loyalty campaign, there are 2 important practices to follow:

Putting customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities

All major companies invest heavily in their service departments. This is not a coincidence, and there is no reason why your company should not be inspired by it. Indeed, the value of a product or service sold is also made after the sale. Advice on how to use it, free updates, bonuses, access to a private community... so many elements that will make your customers want to buy from your company again.  

Promote offers consistent with the one already purchased

Finally, customer loyalty must lead to the promotion of new offers. But to do this well, it is important that the services promoted are relevant to the targeted customer profile. In order to propose the right offer to each customer, you can rely on their past purchase history in your company, and take into account what they have already consumed.

Thanks to its automation functionKiliba allows you to highlight the ideal offer for each of your customers. 


Email marketing is a key element of a company's success on the Internet. To manage it well, it is crucial to rely on a professional tool. In this, Kiliba stands out for its advanced automation capabilities. These allow you to save time, while sending emails that correspond to what your customers want to read. Don't hesitate to test all the features of the software in real conditions with the free version.

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We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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