What is the cost of an emailing campaign?

How much does an email campaign cost?
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As part of a digital marketing strategy, emailing is one of the communication channels to be favored to boost online sales. Studies show that, for most companies, the return on investment of a first emailing campaign is better than that of a first conversion campaign launched on social networks.

However, it is more difficult to estimate the price of an emailing campaign before launching it, knowing that multiple costs are to be added. Two elements are to be distinguished: the price of an emailing campaign realized in-house and the price of an emailing campaign realized by an agency.

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The price of an emailing campaign done in-house

The creation of an emailing campaign in-house involves three sources of expenses: the subscription to a sending software, the creation of the email template and the acquisition of email contacts.

The price of the mass emailing software

To organize email campaigns, you need to use specialized software. There are several on the market, such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign or SendinBlue. Often, these softwares concentrate in one offer all the useful functionalities for the realization of a successful emailing campaign. They do both autoresponder, conversion of the message into html and routing management.

Generally, each offer has a limit of simultaneous sending, and it is necessary to pay more to cover a large list. Depending on the number of targeted contacts, you will have to spend between 30€ and 150€ for the monthly subscription.

The price of the email template

The template is the design that each email will use during the campaign. The template can contain: a banner, a footer, links to the company's social networks, a signature, data related to the RGPD, informational content or promotional content...

A good template must first respect the graphic charter of your company, for consistency and credibility. Moreover, it must be responsive, that is to say readable on any type of device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

The template can be created directly by you, using the appropriate tool in your mailing software. It can also be made by a professional, who will make sure to offer you a unique and high quality template. In the second case, you need to plan an average budget of 500€.

The cost of acquiring email contacts

Finally, to carry out your campaign, you need recipients. Either you already have them, in which case the acquisition of new contacts will not be in your budget, or you need to find them.

The budget for acquiring new contacts is really quite variable. It depends both on your market and on the turnover you want to reach. For a campaign based on social networks, you can count between 0,50€ and 1,50€ of acquisition price per contact.

If, on the other hand, you already have an audience, you can convert it at a much lower cost with a landing page.

The price of an emailing campaign carried out by an agency

Delegating the creation of an emailing campaign to an agency implies, in principle, 4 potential sources of expenses: strategic analysis, routing, design/editing of emails and contact acquisition. Before acting, it is advisable to approach several agencies specialized in email marketing to compare the different quotes for an emailing campaign.

The fee for the analysis phase

When you call upon the services of an agency to manage your emailing campaigns, an analysis phase precedes, in principle, its implementation. The agency will question itself to understand which elements are necessary to set up a profitable strategy by defining your needs and objectives.

It will need to understand your company's typical customer journey and understand the different customer profiles to perform advanced segmentation of your contact lists.

The cost of routing an emailing campaign

Delegating an emailing campaign to an agency implies that the responsibility of the routing rests on its shoulders. It will often take a commission corresponding to the costs of setting up the solution used.

Email design/editing rates

The designers/writers of an agency are in charge of content creation. They are trained to optimize the texts to increase the chances of selling.

The fee for delegating the acquisition of new email contacts.

If you don't have a list of qualified email contacts yet, you can delegate their acquisition. The agency you contact can create an effective landing page, to be displayed on your website or on a partner website. It can also call upon specialized companies with large databases to rent. The problem with this second solution is that you don't know the recipients of your campaigns.

Kiliba, a solution to carry out emailing campaigns at lower cost and in a short time

Between the realization of an internal emailing campaign and the choice of an agency service, a third solution is possible. This third solution is Kiliba.

Let marketing automation segment your contacts for you

Kiliba is an innovative marketing automation solution. Simply put, Kiliba is a powerful software capable of sending highly personalized emails automatically. Kiliba's operation is based on artificial intelligence. Its algorithm processes the data from your email lists in real time and learns from your contacts' behavior. It can then send them the exact message they expect to receive. In short, Kiliba is about good messages, sent to the right people, at the right time.

Increase your conversion rates without design/editing

Kiliba has its own email templates, which it fills in based on the orders you give it, and its automated learning of your customers' behavior.

On the one hand, you can tell them to address your customers in a familiar and friendly tone, or on the other hand in a polite and professional tone.

On the other hand, spaces in the html email templates are reserved for the recommendation of products and services. Kiliba fills these spaces according to its observation of the recipient to whom it is addressed.

Kiliba therefore replaces the work of design/writing, while obtaining click and open rates up to three times higher, compared to the work of a human.

The price of an email campaign on Kiliba varies according to the number of contacts to be targeted.


Emailing is essential for any company, even more so for an e-commerce. It allows you to stay in touch with your customers without intermediaries. We often notice that marketing teams are reduced, especially in a small business. That's why a tool such as Kiliba facilitates the management of emailings while optimizing the results, without mobilizing too many internal resources. Moreover, the subscription price is quickly paid back with a conversion rate of 3% minimum.

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