6 best practices to reduce your churn

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For most marketers, reducing churn is one of the top priorities. Of course, some unsubscribe rate is inevitable, and even desirable (if it's due to subscribers who are no longer interested in your content). But if your unsubscribe rate is consistently high, it's time to ask yourself what you can do to keep more subscribers engaged.

After all, losing customers can have a huge impact on your bottom line. There are a number of strategies you can use to reduce churn, including offering exclusive content to your users, providing more targeted content based on subscribers' interests, and offering incentives to keep them on your list. By taking steps to reduce churn, you can keep your subscriber base healthy and growing.

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What is churn?

The unsubscribe rate allows you to calculate the percentage of people who have decided to unsubscribe from your email campaign or newsletter. If you are looking for a foolproof way to measure the effectiveness of your newsletter, look no further than the unsubscribe rate.

Even if it's not the most flattering number, it's certainly a valuable one. After all, what good is a newsletter if no one reads it?

The 6 best practices to keep your unsubscribe rate low

1. Segment your emailing lists

Segmenting your email lists can be a game changer for your business. When you segment your customers, you can send targeted emails that are much more likely to be relevant and engaging. As a result, you'll see higher open and click-through rates, and your customers will be more likely to make a purchase. Segmenting your customer base may seem daunting, but there are a few simple ways to get started. Here are some tips:

First, take a look at your customer or prospect data. Do you have existing segments you can use? If not, you can create new segments based on factors like location, age or gender. Once you've created your segments, it's time to start creating targeted content. Look at the needs of each segment and develop an email strategy that resonates with them. With a little effort, segmentation can help you take your email marketing to the next level. To go further, find out how to segment my email marketing recipients?

2. Use double opt-in

In marketing, setting up a double opt-in process for your emails is a great way to ensure that your contacts are actually interested in hearing from you. When someone signs up for your email list, you can send them an initial message that they must respond to in order to be added to your list. This extra step ensures that only people who are truly interested in your messages receive your emails. And it can also help you avoid spam complaints down the road. So setting up a double opt-in process is the perfect solution!

3. Optimize loading time

Optimizing the loading time of your emails should be done regularly. First of all, you should check the loading time of your emails in different messaging systems and on mobile devices to ensure the success of your email campaigns. In order to save loading time, you can also avoid including images that are too big or elements that are not adapted to mobile devices. Any other "clutter" can make reading your email a bad experience. By taking these steps, you ensure that your emails will be appreciated by the recipients and will lead to successful campaigns.

4. Propose a personalized sending frequency

Ideally, a subscriber should have control over the frequency of content they receive from their favorite brands. If they want to hear from your online store once a week, that should be their choice. And if he only wants to hear from you once a month, that should be an option too! The personalized sending frequency would allow you to get the content he wants, when he wants it, without having to unsubscribe because a brand is sending emails too often. It would also prevent you from bombarding newsletters that might not interest your customer just because you think you should send something every week. So let's stop imposing a frequency on subscribers and give them a choice!

5. Send the right content

If you're like most people, you probably get a ton of emails every day. And, let's be honest, most of them are pretty boring. Generic messages from companies you don't even remember signing up for. But every once in a while, you'll get an email that really matches your interests, with enticing products and is personalized just for you. Those are the best ones, right? Well, it turns out that personalized emails are not only more enjoyable to read, but they're also more effective at getting customers to engage and promote your product or service. 

In addition, personalized emails often result in higher open rates, more clicks and higher engagement.

The secret: Test, test, test! Try different subject lines, send times, design (or even channel, we rarely think of sms...) to see what works best for your campaign.

Content is the most important thing you can give them. It has to be content that your customer can't find anywhere else and exclusive to your newsletter. A message that makes them feel special.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to download our guide : Make your e-commerce take off : from 0 to 100K€ of turnover per month !

6. Identify reasons for unsubscribing

Most people who unsubscribe from your mailing list do so for one of two reasons: either they are no longer interested in what you have to say, or they receive too many emails from you. If you can identify which of these reasons is right for each person who unsubscribes, you can take steps to improve your mailing list. For example, if people are unsubscribing because they are receiving too many emails, you can adjust the frequency of your mailings to be less frequent. Or, if people are unsubscribing because they are not interested, you can make your content more personalized and relevant to your audience. By taking the time to understand why people unsubscribe, you can ensure that fewer people leave your mailing list in the future. You can easily send them to a web page with an unsubscribe form. To go further, the main reasons why your subscribers unsubscribe from the newsletter.

If your customer hasn't been active for a while, it might be time to contact them again to see if they are still interested in your newsletters. You can use humor with a catchy subject line:

"Don't leave me... We know you're busy and we don't want to bother you, but if you're no longer interested, you can click the unsubscribe link at any time. And if it's the other way around, we solemnly promise to provide value to every email."

Bonus: Make it easy and convenient for customers to unsubscribe on your email campaigns. If unsubscribing is difficult or time consuming, customers are more likely to mark your emails as spam.

Include an unsubscribe link in every email, and make sure it's clearly visible. This way, people can unsubscribe with a few clicks, without having to go through a long and complicated process.


So, if you want to keep your subscribers for a long time and reduce email churn, you have to do everything to make your campaigns more interesting and useful. And don't forget to do some A/B testing to find out what works best for your subscribers. What are you waiting for? Start producing better content today!

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