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An emailing campaign is a set of emails sent to a list of contacts, in order to make them take action. The targeted action is often a purchase for the company.

In addition, in digital marketing, the improvement of software allows the automation of many tasks in order to improve productivity. Emailing is concerned by this trend which is called "marketing automation".

The intersection of marketing automation and emailing is a formidable strategy, ideal for promoting conversion in the long term. Below, we explain what you need to know to implement it.

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Why do you need email marketing campaigns?

From all the studies conducted by different agencies or consulting firms, a statistical convergence emerges: emailing remains a very profitable digital communication channel. Moreover, it is important to understand that it is especially adapted to lead conversion.

A still very profitable digital communication channel

In B2C alone, a survey commissioned by SaleCycle in 2020 showed that 59% of consumers say they are influenced by email campaigns they receive in their purchasing behavior. 

Moreover, in 2018, a study conducted by Disruptive Advertising noted that emailing has a heavy impact on the amount of the average basket. Indeed, a contact buying from a promotional email would spend on average 138% more than the average customer coming from another source of traffic on the web (AdWords campaigns, social networks ...).

It is believed that this effectiveness is due to the special relationship that email marketing allows to establish with the subscribers of a newsletter.

A communication channel especially adapted to lead conversion

In general, creating campaigns on social networks or sponsored links on Google is interesting to get known and obtain leads. On the other hand, emails are the best choice to make each of your leads aware of your company's offers, and ultimately increase your conversion rate. 

Indeed, emailing has the advantage of causing almost no additional cost for each new campaign sent. This allows for long-term conversion work, based on trust and education.

What are the benefits of using an email marketing management tool for your business?

The main advantages are the ease of passing through spam filters, the more precise segmentation of your email list and the sending of more personalized and therefore more effective campaigns.

Easier to get through spam filters

On the one hand, emailing software facilitates the creation of messages with a responsive design. When you know that 43% of emails are opened on a smartphone today, this is an imperative criterion. The responsive design obviously decreases the bounce rate, or even the unsubscribe rate, and contributes to the good reputation of the email server, which is necessary to pass the antispam filters.

On the other hand, emailing software facilitates the creation of landing pages, thanks to their integrated form editor. Indeed, with a professional emailing tool, the creation of forms is done in a few clicks. Then, their insertion on a landing page allows you to automatically register the customer data of your new contacts in your software.

Most importantly, by offering your audience to sign up via your forms, you ensure that they consent to receive your emails. Again, this reduces the risk of receiving complaints, and therefore the reputation of your email server is degraded.  

Have a more precise segmentation of your email list.

Professional email marketing software, on the other hand, captures many statistics that simple email servers don't. For example, you can know the open rates and click rates of each campaign. This data, once accumulated, allows you to understand which offer each subscriber of your newsletter is most sensitive to. This allows for a precise segmentation of your email list, and therefore the sending of more personalized campaigns to your contacts.

Send more personalized campaigns, therefore more efficient.

With the data collected on each segment of your email list, you can send different campaigns, testing different parameters to optimize open rates.

For example, each segment may be receptive at a different time or frequency of sending. You can also vary the length of the messages, the subject of the messages, to get closer to the optimal version on each of these points.

How to choose an emailing software?

To choose the right emailing tool, two criteria should be taken into account: your budget and your automation requirements.

Determine a budget

On the webmarketing market, the offer in emailing tools is quite wide. Each solution has its own options, and falls within a certain price range. For companies with a small budget, with small contact lists and a unique offer, a first price solution can be sufficient. For example, MailChimp has a free basic package, but limited to very basic functionality. So the free version of MailChimp may be enough for some entrepreneurs new to emailing.

Choose the desired level of automation

In general, the increase in price of an emailing solution is accompanied by a multiplication of its automation features. This is the case nowadays with tools such as MailJet or SendinBlue. Their functionalities include the creation of automated sequences. With a newsletter editor such as SendinBlue or MailJet, you can start with marketing automation. These tools will allow you, for example, to send emails to your contacts after a given action, such as an addition to the shopping cart.

However, more advanced automation solutions are available on the market. The French software Kiliba is designed to work in synergy with a CRM platform. By retrieving and processing data from your CRM, its machine learning algorithm learns from your customers' behavior. Thus, lead by lead, it can optimize the content of promotional emails to be sent, to favor the chances of conversion. Once installed, Kiliba works on automatic pilot, managing the marketing pressure on each of your contacts.

The main steps of an automated emailing campaign

Managing an email campaign has never been easier with automation, especially if you rely on the features of Kiliba. The first step is to connect the software to your e-commerce CMS. Kiliba's interface is entirely in French, and a technical support is available if needed.

The second step consists of choosing a predefined scenario from among the twenty or so models proposed. If you are not sure of the best options to implement, a test phase will allow you to find the format that suits your company.

The third step is to let Kiliba work. It will take care of segmenting your list, promoting the right offer to each lead at the right time, and even writing the content of the emails before sending them! Moreover, if you plan to develop internationally, Kiliba allows you to write your emails in several languages (English, Spanish, German...).  


Today, the combination of marketing automation with emailing is a formidable marketing strategy, capable of boosting your conversion rates. Setting it up requires a minimum of technical knowledge and the process is greatly facilitated with a software like Kiliba. 

Indeed, this French solution is focused on simplicity of use. Want to discover the advanced features of this tool? Do not hesitate to contact the Kiliba team to learn more.

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We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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