Advantages and disadvantages of a freeware newsletter software

The Ying & Yang of freeware newsletters.
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You are a beginner in email marketing and you want to find the best freeware newsletter software? Whether you are looking for a newsletter software for Mac Os or Windows, there are several parameters to take into account when making a choice.

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Definition: what is a freeware newsletter software?

A freeware newsletter software includes two notions: the one of " newsletter software " on the one hand, and the one of " freeware" on the other hand.

Thus, the newsletter freeware includes, as its name indicates, useful features for creating a newsletter. Translated by "newsletter" in French, the newsletter is a powerful marketing solution. It plays an essential role in your company's development strategy and in building customer loyalty. It consists in sending, to the contacts of an email list, information campaigns about a new product offer or about the promotion of your company.

In most companies, using a newsletter software implies the creation of a dedicated budget. Nevertheless, it is possible to find freeware newsletter software on the market. By "freeware" we mean a tool that can be used for free, quite simply.

In this respect, it is important to know that there is no freeware newsletter software without a limit on the number of contacts or the number of emails sent. Thus, a freeware newsletter software cannot represent a viable solution in the long term. However, if you are just starting out, freeware newsletter software does have its advantages.

Advantages of the freeware newsletter software

To practice newsletter marketing, a free solution has at least 3 advantages

Training on a software for its first campaigns

Newsletter marketing is a powerful solution for converting and driving sales. However, managing it for your company requires a learning curve. The first days, you have to learn the tools such as the campaign editor, the automated sequence editor, the form editor if you need a new landing page...

On a newsletter software, learning to master the whole interface means investing time. During this time, your conversion rates will not be optimal. Getting to grips with a free tool will ensure that you don't lose money unnecessarily at the beginning.

A good deliverability of your emails

Equipped with a freeware newsletter software, you can send your first campaigns for free. In general, the sending limit of free software requires you to test your email marketing on a sample of your contact list only. 

Nevertheless, even in the context of a marketing test, it is important to ensure a certain opening rate. One of the challenges for your newsletters is to avoid the spam filter of your contacts. The opposite would damage the reputation of your sending server, and would degrade the deliverability of your emails in the medium term. 

For this reason, using a tool for controlling words that are known to be controversial is very advantageous. Freeware newsletter software allows you to take advantage of such a feature for free. Thanks to this tool, the reputation of your sending server is preserved. Thus, you will be able to launch larger email campaigns under the best auspices.

The case of freemium: test each tool before adopting it

Finally, we must point out that, often, newsletter software presented as "freeware" is in fact "freemium". In other words, almost all the free emailing solutions found on the market are in fact trial versions of paid software. It is true that we are talking about Sarbacane, SendinBlue, Mailjet, Mailerlite or MailChimp...

For software creators, the interest of a free version is obvious... A trial makes it possible to retain undecided entrepreneurs, and to optimize the chances to make them switch to the paid offer as soon as their newsletter starts to be profitable.

However, as an entrepreneur, the free trial of a newsletter software is not without interest. Indeed, a trial version always gives an honest overview of the potential of a software solution. It also gives you the opportunity to see how the interface of a software works. You can take advantage of it to test its various tools, its newsletter campaign templates, as well as its integration with your company's CRM.

And above all, it represents a way to compare different software to find the one offering the best features at the most attractive price.

Disadvantages of freeware newsletter software

The use of a freeware newsletter software has several advantages that we have just mentioned. However, a free solution quickly shows its limits compared to a paid offer.

The limited volume of newsletters and contacts with freeware

No matter how many contacts you have in your email list or in your CRM, there is a limit to the number of mailings you can do with freeware newsletter software. Often this limit is reset every month. But this limit still prevents you from knowing if an emailing strategy is viable on a large sample of contacts. Furthermore, software such as Mailerlite or Mailchimp add a subscriber limit to their free version.

Limited free features and advanced paid features

On the other hand, some software limit the most advanced features of their platform with their free version. For example, software such as SendinBlue and Mailjet limit the use of certain models (or "templates") to format your email campaigns.

Integrations with CRM (or other web tools) may also be available in a free version, but limited in their potential.

A sometimes complex interface for beginners

Finally, despite limited functionalities, a freeware or freemium newsletter software often remains complex to use. Indeed, email marketing is a field in which the possibilities are vast. This implies the existence of many different tools and parameters on a classic interface.

Specialists can certainly handle this complexity to optimize the conversion of an offer. However, this complexity can also put off the beginner in email marketing. That's why there is now a viable alternative to the classic newsletter software, for those who want to act quickly and efficiently...

This alternative is Kilibaa 100% French and automated software.

What is the best newsletter software on the market?

To date, we are convinced that Kiliba represents the best newsletter software for sending your first campaigns. Indeed, unlike other software of this type, its operation is based on a marketing automation algorithm.

Rather than managing a plethora of parameters to adapt your strategy to each segment of your email list, just let Kiliba work. Its algorithm allows it to learn from your contacts' behavior. It will find the best sending strategy for each contact. The only thing you have to do is to choose among the 20 automation scenarios when you launch the software.

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