7 reasons to adopt a professional emailing solution for your e-commerce

Why adopt a professional emailing solution?
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According to a McKinsey study, the return on investment of an email marketing campaign is on average 3 times higher than that of a campaign conducted on social networks.

Yet, in the age of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, this channel is often underutilized, as it is considered obsolete. This is an unfounded judgment since the number of active email addresses is increasing year after year. It has risen to 4.1 billion in 2022, which represents half of the world's population.

Moreover, according to a study by Optinmonster, 92% of Internet users check their inbox every day. And above all, for 58% of them, it is the first thing they do when they get up, before checking the news or their social networks! Add to that the fact that once you've acquired a prospect's email address, you can send them as many emails as you want, almost at no extra cost. You benefit from the potential of a powerful communication channel for your company. But you have to know how to use it wisely...

Indeed, it is not enough to flood your prospects with poor quality messages so that they open them and buy your products. So, you have to ask yourself a question when you start emailing: how to build a relevant and simple communication that ensures a quick return on investment?

The answer lies in choosing a quality professional emailing solution, distinct from simple emailing for individuals and basic emailing tools integrated into CMS. When well chosen, this solution can do a lot of the work for you. Let's summarize the 7 main advantages of this type of emailing solution.

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1. Strengthening your brand's reputation

A professional emailing solution makes it easy to create quality designs. Each of their platforms has templates with powerful customization tools. You just have to choose the logo or the images you want to insert, and the algorithm automatically produces a message in an aesthetic and responsive form (which is imperative knowing that 42% of the Internet users read their emails on a smartphone).

2. Generate additional traffic to your site with an emailing solution

With an average click-through rate of 5.22% in France, email marketing performs better than publications on Facebook or Twitter. And every click in an email is a new visitor on your website and a potential customer.

Why deprive yourself of such a source of traffic, which, moreover, does not incur additional costs for each message? By allowing you to dress up your links as coloured buttons and easily vary their design, a professional emailing solution optimises your click rate.

3. Impression on audience segments not present in other channels

Some Internet users use their email inboxes much more than they do social networks or Google searches. This is particularly true of senior citizens. Don't ignore this segment of your audience, especially if your e-commerce products are likely to interest them.

To maintain a regular relationship with them, emailing is the channel to use on the web. With an adapted tool, you could even divide your contact lists and create a campaign exclusively for them.

The advantage of a professional emailing solution, like Kiliba, is that it does this segmentation work alone, in an automated way. Using a marketing automation software saves a lot of time for marketing teams.

4. Improving your conversion rate

As a consequence of the points mentioned above, a good emailing tool allows you to considerably improve your conversion rate.

Here are some detailed statistics to know:

  • According to McKinsey, email is nearly 40 times more effective than social networks in getting new customers.
  • A customer who received an offer by email, before his purchase, spends on average 138% more money.
  • 59% of consumers say that email marketing influences their purchasing decisions (Salecycle).

Emailing provides additional sales opportunities. To maximise its effectiveness, one can think outside the box of the traditional newsletter or promotional campaign. For example, transactional emails are the perfect medium to offer an opportunity to buy to their recipients.

5. Independence from any third party platform

One of the underestimated strengths of email marketing is its independence from third party companies. Email marketing is inherently resilient to the setbacks caused by social networks.

A change in the rules? An interface redesign of the advertising platform? A cost increase? The email marketer need not worry about these issues.

With emailing, you cut out the middleman and develop a direct relationship with the end user of your products. This relationship makes your business more secure. It is more valuable in the long term than a relationship in which some of your customer data is shared with a third party.

6. Time saving through automation

When properly used, the features offered by the best emailing software allow you to save time. Indeed, it is possible to greatly automate its communication on this channel, and not only by stopping at the traditional welcome email.

It is possible to program sequences of emails, spread over several days or weeks, sent to specific segments of the audience that meet predefined conditions. This is called " trigger marketing " or " marketing automation ".

Some of the latest emailing tools go even further in automation by relying on artificial intelligence, like Kiliba, a 100% automated software.

This software edits the content of your emails for you and optimises it according to the data it collects from your contact lists. It writes the sales texts itself and selects the best offers to put forward according to the recipient. This brings us to the last point: the benefits for the customer relationship...

7. Personalizing and improving customer relations with an emailing solution

Any emailing software, like Mailchimp, Sendinblue or Sarbacane, allows a certain degree of personalization. You can, for example, personalize the subject of each email with the first name of your contacts while doing a mass mailing. This is a useful feature for building audience loyalty.

But some software goes even further. Kiliba is able to learn from your contacts through their behavior on your site and, thus, to predict what your audience wants to buy, and when they expect to be contacted. This is due to technical advances in machine learning.

By coupling them with automatic management of mailings, Kiliba is able to increase your turnover by requiring only a very limited number of settings, unlike other software. This platform is easy to use and the sending is done automatically. 


The advanced features of Kiliba, a French software, make it the best emailing solution on the market. It allows you to create responsive emails thanks to a simple editor mode and predefined templates, to send personalized emails. It offers you an automated management of the marketing pressure. Other options are very useful, such as the possibility to write your emails in several languages: English, Spanish, German...

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We collect this data to contact you in order to do a demo of all Kiliba features and to offer you services made for you. We also use your email address to send you our newsletters about Kiliba services. If you do not want to receive them, you can check the box below:

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